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From: korishinzo@*****.com (Ice Heart)
Subject: [OT] Martial arts style compared (was: Unarmed combat in the 4ed)
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 14:13:03 -0800 (PST)
> Doesn't count. Bogus, rigged contest. Eyes, throat, knees, >
groin, and things like that were off limits. If I were attacked >
for real, I wouldn't play nice. I'd make sure I came out ahead. >
If the "fighters" (as opposed to "grapplers") were allowed to do >
what they were good at, also, the fights would probably have >
turned out different.
> As it is, the contest is biased towards the grappling arts. I >
saw the first one (back in 93 or so), saw how bad it was, and >
never watched it again...

I would have to argue with you. Jujitu is not a grappling art, per
se. It is a "thank you for putting a limb near me, now I shall
render it useless in multiple ways" art. UFC hampered a jujitsu
practicioners as much as anyone, because it disallowed joint-breaks,
a huge part of the style. In actuality, the UFC favored hard
striking styles that go for the pure knock-out, such as muay tai and

--practice styles on both sides of the hard-soft debate before you
judge their realtive merits

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