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Message no. 1
From: robertennew@***** (Robert Ennew)
Subject: [OT] Mechwarrior movie in works (van dam)
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 12:26:43 +1100 (EST)
> ><much snippage>

> >any way, feel free to comment about my thoughts :)
> >Aethelwulf
> >ps at least I feel that anyone who casts van dam in
> a shadowrun movie
> should be shot :P
> Ahhh come on, at least he works cheap and can be
> conned into doing some of
> his own stunts... ;)
> Just don't let him talk much or show his face that
> often. (He was suppose
> to be the first Predator after all).

Really, I thought he was too much of a short arse to
be particularly menacing in that kind of role, I'm
glad they didn't though but It would have been kinda
cool to watch Arnie kick his butt back to brussels
(Arnie shouldn't be cast in huge dialoge roles either,
although cool one liners like "I'll be back", in a
cyber zombie role would be in true Arnie style).

Cyber Zombies wouldn't have to talk much (as their
pretty dissasociated with society in general, & are
struggling to stay alive by not getting lost in the
detail, their invoked memory stimulater would be
working overtime without the extra burden of trying to
process & carry on a Intelligible conversation of how
"... the speed fluidity & motions of my hand moving
through the atmospheric pressure & wind resistence to
snap off a .45 magnum round from my desert eagle .50
aa into your brainpan for the nuance of engaging in
conversational babble with a mere mundane flesh
puppet, setting of my I.M.S for being lost in such
drivel, having to keep my spirit in check so I don't
die again, dieing being pretty redundant now, can you
see why that just really pisses me off!)


My point more than made, bring on Arnie, forget about
Terminator III, as he'll only be rehashing what he's
already done & what he'd be perfectly cast for in a
shadowrun movie ;)

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