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From: "Fisher, Victor" <Victor-Fisher@******.COM>
Subject: OT: News...Charred bodies of 14 cult members found in France...
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 18:34:58 -0400
Saint-Pierre-De-Cherennes, France [Dec 23, 1995 - 11:00 EST] - The
charred bodies of 14 missing members of the Order of the Solar Temple
cult, one of them an infant, were found on saturday in a forest clearing
in rugged French Alpine terrain, police said.
The dead were found laid out in a star shape in the center of the
clearing, feet at the center, in the carefully-planned ritual, death, an
apparent repeat of the cult's mysterious 1994 mass immolation in which
53 died, a police spokesman said.
It is unclear whether the bodies were arranged in the star shape
after their deaths by surviving cult members, or by the cult members
themselves before their deaths.
The star formation was the same as that found in the deaths of 23
cult members in the Swiss village of Cheiry last year.
Part of the cult's lore was sun worship, and laying the bodies out
in this formation meant dying in the shape of the sun, purified by fire,
cult experts said.
Swiss police investigating the disappearance had found a note
saying their death was a "pure illusion", raising fears of a repeat of
last year's collective suicide-cum-murder in Switzerland and Canada.
Cult members used to gather around the december 21 winter solstice,
apparently a symbolic date for the bizarre cult, according to French
media reports.
The order borrows freely from Roman catholic religion, freemasonry
and medieval rites of the Knights Templar.
It was believed to have been disbanded after it's leaders Jodi
mambro and Luc Jouret were found among members who died at the swiss
villages of Salvan and Cheiry in October 1994. Other members of the cult
died in Canada.

Whew. Now this is some really disturbing stuff. Strange days are here

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