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Message no. 1
From: shadowrn@*********.com (Lone Eagle)
Subject: (OT Ral Partha Lives!!!!!)
Date: Mon Feb 25 05:35:01 2002
>From: dghost@****.com

>When I drybrush, I tend to get a grainy transition, I don't know if it's
>because of the size of the paint particles or because I need to use more
>colors in the transition of the shading/highlighting. I want to try
>Vallejo Paints to see if their finer particles help the minis look
>better. :)

I doubt they'll help that much, I've not used them but to my knowledge
drybrushing will always leave a rough looking finish. Ultimate quality
paints may reduce the effect but I don't think they'll eliminate it
altogether. The way I understand it when you do your first sweep with a dry
brush you lay down paint which is more sticky than the dry colour below,
subsequent sweeps deposit more paint at those points (because it sticks to
the existing sticky bits) giving you a rough finish.
The only way I know of to get a really smooth finish is to blend. If you
think blending is beyond you however there is an alternative; a halfway
house if you like, which works well for "battle standard" miniatures
(although you'll never win Golden Demon with it) and that is line painting.
Line painting is exactly what it sounds like, painting lines. Base coat your
mini, let it dry as normal then ink shade if you have the option. when
that's ready to go mix up your first highlight colour and paint from the lit
edge inwards by a mm or two (let's assume a plain sheild for ease. so it
would probably be the top and outside edge. for cloth paint about from about
halfway into the folds.) Mix a little more highlight colour into the mix and
then paint a thinner line from the outside in, repeat until you can't paint
a thinner line or until you think it looks good.
Line painting takes a fair bit longer than drybrushing (especially on bits
like the chest eagle on a space marine) but persevere, the more stages of
colour you use and the thinner your lines the better it will look.

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