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From: shadowrn@*********.com (Gurth)
Subject: [OT] Re: Ral Partha Lives!!!!!
Date: Sat Feb 23 07:05:01 2002
According to Marc Renouf, on Fri, 22 Feb 2002 the word on the street was...

> <chuckle> I paint WH40K because I *play* WH40K. And I paint for
> other people who *also* play WH40K. But truth be told, I just like GW's
> miniatures better. I know, blasphemy. People bash on Citadel all the
> time for having "cartoony" minitaures whose proportions are all wrong,
> but the fact remains that when 25-28 mm miniatures have the "correct"
> proportions, they just look stupid. They're all gangly.

Which is why any serious figure painter does 1:35th scale or larger ;P
I haven't seen a single 25 mm figure that comes close to, say, Hornet...

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