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Message no. 1
From: Danyel N Woods <9604801@********.AC.NZ>
Subject: [OT] RE: Threat warning systems
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 11:18:04 +1200
Quoth Gurth (1119 05-05-98 NZT):

>> This having been said, some missiles use lasers for their proximity
>> fuses, and there is the semi-humourous Gulf War example of an Iraqi
>> 'Hind' gunship being shot down by a laser-guided bomb(!) from an A-10
>> (though this was an isolated occurrence; the gunship was in a
>> stationary hover, and the A-10 didn't have to worry much about
>> shot down).
>I thought it was an Mi-26 Halo and an F-15E Strike Eagle? Or is
>the A-10 incident one I hadn't heard of before?

I think they were distinct incidents. I knew that some wiseguys in a
Fifteen-Echo scored a chopper with a GBU-10 LGB, but I read a book (a
few months ago) about the Warthog squadrons deployed for Desert
Shield/Storm, and they recount how one of their own pulled off a similar
stunt. On reflection, it might have been an Mi-17 Hip.

All, IIRC, of course.

Danyel Woods
'Are you deliberately trying to drive me insane?'
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