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From: Jonathan Hurley <jhurley1@************.EDU>
Subject: [OT] Sa-MASH rumors{was RE: FASA Being Sold? Semi-OOC?}
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 11:23:56 -0400
On Sunday, July 06, 1997 21:59, Shane
Courtrille[SMTP:hardware@*******.DATANET.AB.CA] wrote:
> > On Sun, 6 Jul 1997 22:23:57 +0000 Shane Courtrille
> > <hardware@*******.DATANET.AB.CA> writes:
> > >Then you really do not understand the amount of money WOTC is
> > >bringing in through sales of Magic, and now Legend of the five rings,
> > >and soon TSR items. WOTC has already bought TSR and then another
> > >company. Money is not the issue for them.. they are planning on
> > >taking over the people that make Warhammer.. which is a pretty
> > >massive company...
> >
> > What other company? I haven't been paying atttention lately.
> > TSR was an easy buy because the company was bankrupt.
> <snip>
> > crushing competing companies. I don't see them selling out to a softy
> > company like WotC.
> WOTC bought out AEG, who AFAIK own'ed Shadis magazine, and Legend of
> the 5 Rings which is another fairly large card game.. biggest
> competition Magic had at least... and if you think WotC is a softly..
> *chuckle* I betcha they said the same thing about Microsoft when it
> first started :)

Nope. They bought Five Rings Publishing Group, a joint venture between
Alderac Entertainment Group (The guys who publish Shadis) and Isomedia (I
don't know what they do.) They did NOT buy AEG. Furthermore, according to
the lead designer for FRPG (do you find that acronym as pretentious as I
do?) the people of FRPG still have creative control. The only thing the
buyout means is that FRPG has access to WoTC's money and
publishing/distributing expertise.

See for more info

And, no, those of us who play L5R don't really know why they did it.

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