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From: loneeagle@******** (Lone Eagle)
Subject: [OT] Skills & Powers (was: [OT] SR4 FAQ part4)
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 23:04:46 +0100
At 10:44 PM 4/14/2005, Jan Jaap wrote:
>I did not do this (at the time), because I was blessed
>with players who *belieeeevved* in me, but I suppose
>said twinks could be tempted into creating a character
>who could not heft a sword.

The DM (yes, this wasn't a player - this was the guy in charge of the
campaign (stolen blatently from Daggerfell BTW)) who introduced me to the
Skills and Powers loved it - every one of the NPCs was twinked to hell and
back - It wasn't quite so bad that characters couldn't carry a sword but
could lop off the heads of the gods themselves because of the limited
number of "points" you could move... but he did propose a house rule which
removed that limit.

Lone Eagle
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