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Message no. 1
From: Peter Mikulsky <petermikulsky@***.COM>
Subject: Re: [OT]vehicles missing
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 18:53:39 +0100
And now my replay to Steadfast..

>Well, I must admit that it would be nice to roam through "Kreuzberg" as
>I live in Berlin, but I simply do not like the whole anarchycrap, the
>Eurowars, the whole german thing. But that is my opinion. Of course I do
>not like some of the proposals FASA has made too, but To there I've got
>quite a distance and so I am not that inclined into the history of that
>land. And it is far away from here (well, in a way ;o)), that makes it
>easier for me to pretend, hm, better say, it was like that when I

The only advantage I see in playing here in Frankfurt am Main is, what I am
more familar with the location. That is the reason why my campaign is
located in the Seattle, becaus its far away :-) But my GM has a different

And there was no germany in the shadows as I started. Maybe
>that is a big point too. And I do understand that many german player
>like to play in germany, and of course not every player who plays in
>germany is a munchkin. Even if so, fine, they can be if they do not want
>to play with me.

I started with this group of players a year ago. There a only two players of
my last group (the last group breaks apart because of personal problemes
between the players) and I had so much ideas for the last campaign that I
don't want change the country. And my players didn't protest :-)=)

>To that gear FanPro did made, I think it is simply cruel to give that
>kind of equipement to runners. It is not only obvisiously Power Gaming
>but also shortminded to make a powerfull Weapon like the Altmeyer
>Shotgun AND give it an availability of 4. As I posted mucho earlier on
>this list (and not only once, grin) expect every Berliner Ork Gang to
>have two to three handy and shoot the hell out of your Sammy.

It looks like that I have much luck with my players, because they didn't see
that flwas. The are using only a few of that equipment from DidS. And I will
not allow the suff from the other published supplements from FanPro


>I think they know. Or at least "think" that they know what they are
>doing. But if they would only do it _IN TIME_ , then everything would be
>fine. And not only for SR, if they could do a bit for all the Games they
>have that would be nice for every german roleplayer I say. But do they
>listen? Do they act? No! Hm, maybe I shopuld have send those e-mails
>instead of deleting them?

I assume you have seen that I don't have much love for FanPro and there
translations (expecialy the BT Stuff). We can hope that they a growing with
that challenge :-)
BTW, do you have ever seen the page with the answers of player questions
from germans? They a producing munchkin equipmeent and than crying about the
super-samurai-vampire-mage, brrr
With other words, would the read the posts? I think not ;-)


P.S.: I guess it would be better to cease that topic befor GridSec thwarp us
for that ongoing discussion. You can replay privedly to me at


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