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Message no. 1
From: RLONERGA@****
Subject: Pages
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 92 13:09:00 CDT
May the light of Elbereth shine!!!!

I had no clue that I would be such a sought after individual. Reminds
me of the time when we were hired to[>>>>>>DATA CORRUPT 6.5 Mp
Well, for those that want the original Challenge article please send a SASE to

Natas Kaupas
Box 702
Knox College
Galesburg, Il 61401

I have the following Twilight 2000 1st ed books if you are really interested
in buying them: Armies of the night
The Last Submarine
Heavy Weapons Guide
Nato Vehicle Guide
Soviet Vehicle Guide
Return to Warsaw
Sattelite Down
I have a few more but I left them at home and I can't remember them. If you
are serious send me a letter to the above address or leave E-mail.

Natas Kaupas, streetmage

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