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Message no. 1
From: The Deb Decker <RJR96326@****.UTULSA.EDU>
Subject: Paraelementals (forwarded to SHADOWRN as well)
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1993 22:42:34 -0500
>Dan Waisley: Current Elementals are PURE, corresponding to various spell
>categories, and as there are no mixed spells, there are no mixed elementals.

This can be fixed.

]]>Agreement on accidentally summoning a para-elemental<[[

Fire Adept Initiates summoning paras:
I still say no. They are limited to spells that deal with their

Corresponding Spell Categories:
This applies to ALL adepts, not just fire adepts:
"The adept may only cast spells or conjure spirits
associated with that element. . .They may also cast spells
within their chosen element's area of influence
Earth---Manipulation(physical/matter-based only)
Fire----Combat(as long as no element but fire used)

Seems pretty simply delienated to me. An Earth adept wouldn't be
able to use most control manipulations (control animal, influence).
I would argue that any physical spell that had an elemental effect
would be usable by that element's adept. For instance, a Water Jet spell
that, while technically a damaging manipulation (make it spry water at high
pressure for stun damage) is usable by a Water adept, but not an Earth adept
even though it is a physical manipulation.

>Oh, and another thing I forgot about Jason's post. He didn't really like the
>idea of having required metaplanes for the new elementals. Now, the only
>response I have to this is that this would be true, under SRII rules, and I
>won't dispute this.

You won't dispute what? Actually, I don't think Jason was objecting to
requiring Metaplanes for the new elementals; he was just pointing that in
what passed for metaplanar/magical theory in D&D, paraelementals were formed
where the elemental planes joined, and these 'twilight zones' of elements
were where paraelementals were formed. Like Dan said, this ain't D&D.

However, it does not say whether or not the elemental metaplanes have a
similar relationship. They might. Even if they didn't, You could argue
for the existance of the para-elemental metaplanes. Your only difficulty
there is that you begin setting precedent for a metaplane for everything;
Nitrogen metaplane, Helium Metaplane, Kryptonite Metaplane (whose
elementals look like Rob in a Red and Blue suit with capr and an 'S' on
his chest:).

>But what element does Magma fall under? But it starts fires,

So does air, when compressed and rubbed aganst the surface of re-entry

>and Pele is worshipped in Hawaii as the Goddess of the Volcano

He's also worshipped in Brazil as a Soccer God. :p

>Pele is NOT earth.

Correct, Pele is Brazilian.

>Is Magma fire? But it solidifies into rock, something Fire CAN'T do, period.

Try not thinking in terms of the state it ends up as. These are the
in-between elements; if it hardens into rock, it is eart; the fires it
apawns are of fire. I don't consider it representative of magma as an
element unless it's in a viscous, lava form-hot and moving.

>Hope this doesn't come accross as a flame, but as an attempt to formulate to
>you involved a logical response and the reasoning I used to come up with the
>original post last Spring. Responses are welcome, but flames should be directedtoward
my personal e-mail if you wish to flame me.

Flame? Not at all. Funny you should use that term, though. . .wacth out
for the para-elemental Thwap of Lava!

J Roberson

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