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Message no. 1
From: "Paolo Falco - Seen a Fox?" <Falco@****.it>
Subject: Party names and baddies
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 12:27:20 +0200
On 9 Jul 96, Chowder wrote:

> A player of mine was wondering if SRing groups generally had
> names or not (like Casey's Gang, that kind of thing). I told
> him that I didn't know and would ask you guys.

My players' group used to be called "The wild Duck ones" (where
"duck" is much funnier than "goose" in italian... maybe you
could translate it "The wild Quayle ones", or something like
that). It originally included:

* JJ Bloster AKA Brian Cosworth the rigger
NB The "bloster" is italian for an object used to lock the
driving wheel of a car with its brake, so that it cannot be

* Pinguino Smerigliato ("Sandpapered penguin"), the tribal

* Romeo "Stellar" Andromedas the decker with a dumb name

* Julius Kakkolus the ork merk - "Caccola" In italian is the
product of nosepicking :o)

* James Hetfield "the unforgiven" or the worst bodyguard ever.

* Kabamaru Hikano the fanatic samurai

Later the group dropped all characters except the decker and
mutated into

* Kelly van der Krieg the south african terrorist secretary

* Lady Valentine Dalton AKA "FELIX" The cat shaman (the product
of a juvenile mind :o)

* "The fanatic rigger", since nobody ever remembers what his name is :)

* Malhanda "Sboldra", a female merc whose name was borrowed
from a silly NPC name in a Dork Fun (dark sun) AD&D adventure.

They have two major baddies (had actually)

* The fuchi corp. For reasons nobody can remember, they HATE the
fuchi corp, and would never ever work for it. I tried to
convince them otherwise, but since they refused to admit the
fuchi corp was a corp like any other, I just made of it a
scapegoat for any evil in the world :o)
MO: Being generally nasty, traitorious, double-edged and BAD!
Death: How can you kill a corp?

* "Baron" Zbjgniew Yanacek aka the archetypical Nosferatu
started off posing as a Vatican secret service vampire hunter,
only to reveal himself as a power-hungry schemer. He later
tried to free Yog-Sothoth from the Pentagon and was driven crazy
by the realization that Yog Sothoth probably didn't even exist.
He started killing in berserk until the PCs killed him by
destroying his "totem".
MO: Schemer, then power-hungry, liked to lure people into
believing him somebody "nice" only to stab at their metaphorical
Death: Went foetal when the PCs finally realized he was insanely
addicted to a neon sign (this part was stolen from M. Romkey's
"the vampire papers", YUK!), and destroyed the sign witha a well
aimed grenade. Used to have lots fo fate points before that, as
he kept coming back from death much to the costernation of the PCs.

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