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From: K in the Shadows <Ereskanti@***.COM>
Subject: Fwd: PBEM (Epitaphs and Crossings [part 3]) (VERY LONG)
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 04:21:48 EDT
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And this folks is Part 3 of the final chapter...thank you...


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Subject: PBEM (Epitaphs and Crossings [part 3]) (VERY LONG)
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Along a beach, a lone person strolls along the shoreline. He's leaving
footprints where he walks, but they are at least mundane prints this time. No
massive power flowing from or to him.

He's mortal finally. Able to live his own life.

Maedus Kyrie Arasmis. It sounds good to be himself finally, after so many
worlds, so many realities, so many ... possibilities.

A large black raven lights upon his shoulder, the man reaches up and strokes
the feathers of his lifelong friend fondly.

(Maedus) "I'm assuming that all is well with Goose then?"

(Shamantyr) "He's still resting when I left him, but I'm certain he'll find
everything and then some when he wakes up."

(Maedus) "And he knows how to get in touch with us when he does?"

(Shamantyr) "I made certain to Padre's phone number with your picture in his
car's telecom."

(Maedus) "Good"

Long moments of silence pass as he continues to walk along the beach south of
Tijuana. Occasionally throwing the frisbee to the large rottweiler romping
along with them. Feeding the seagulls (and the raven of course) just for the
fun of it.

(Shamantyr) "What's wrong Padre?"

(Maedus) "I just wish we could have all made it?"

(Shamantyr) "Well if you're concerned about Taliesin, he's in good hands. I
spoke with Harvey. He says that Tal is showing good signs of recovering from
the system shock that Tal encountered when he grasped the blood sword. And
his fiance' is with him the whole way. Great lady that one is, I can't
believe she stays with him like she does."

(Maedus) "Love knows no bounds."

(Shamantyr) "I know."

More silence, another mile walks by.

(Shamantyr) "It's Rendar isn't it?"

(Maedus) "Yes it is."

(Shamantyr) "Why? You didn't really get to know him."

(Maedus) "That's the point. I didn't get to know him. Not at all. And he
seemed to have the depth and personality and soul ... I don't know..."

(Shamantyr) "There was no trace of him found in the Temple."

(Maedus) "Yes, I know that. All my new contacts have turned up nothing, even
Robert and Taca have found nothing. It's all so ... I don't know ..."

(Shamantyr) "Padre', you may the lodge father for all of Aztlan, and you may
be the former vessel for a God, but *you* are mortal. And you have all the
feelings of loss and desperation that goes with that mortality."

The man comes to a stop, the waves gently, licking at his bare feet. The
large rottweiler stopping and flopping down in the sand, chewing on a branch
that has floated ashore.

(Maedus) "And what about you then bird? Don't you have feelings?"

(Shamantyr) "Yes, but I have something else still you don't."

(Maedus) "Oh yeah, what's that???"

(Shamantyr) "Patience enough to let the Universe shine it's graceful light
into my own corner of it's being."


The man will stop, and the dog quits chewing on the branch. Joyfulness
evident in the big hounds eyes, in the stub of it's tail. It'll get up and
bound happily to the source of the voice behind the man who once was Binder-
in-the-Dark. Barking with joy and enthusiasm.

That man turns around and his eyes are suddenly filled with tears.

Standing (barely) in the footprints where he was just walking is a lone male
ork behind him, now doing his best not to fall over from the onslaught of
hound-happiness. "Binder" will walk back towards the ork, who is in nothing
but common "street clothes", a shirt, pants, no shoes, no coat, no anything

No cyber for that matter either.

The ork will look at the human in front of him, and smile deeply.

"Is it over?" "Did the good guys win this time?"

"Yes Rendar, the good guys won this time."


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