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Message no. 1
From: Mark Imbriaco <mark@**.ODU.EDU>
Subject: PBEM Game Starting.
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 23:28:17 -0400
I am starting a PBEM game, that will need about 5-6 players. If you are
interested, send me a brief message with your name, email address, and a
quick description of your character, and I will decide within say 72
hours who the players will be... (Provided I get enough responses, of
course. :-) )

Mark Imbriaco
Message no. 2
Subject: Re: PBEM Game Starting.
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 1994 16:02:36 EST
Hoi Chummer,
I'd definitely be interested in playing, the only book I have is the
second edition handbook, which I hope is enough. I have two
characters I would be interested in playing, tell me which one you think
would be more appropiate.
1. HELLRAZOR aka Damien Pierce. a cyberpunk with twin black metal
cyberarms stocked with razors and a shotgun each(shoots from the
palms) his cybereyes are black with flaming skull pupils and he rides a
revved up jet-black Eurocar Westwind 2000. He came from a rich family
and runs for the excitement(ie: a regular psycho). He's in-between jobs
and is running out of nuyen.
2. SCORP aka Bret Winters. a physical adept, a loner who wanders
around on his Harley Scorpion. A rebel without a cause or clue who
lives for the day and could give a frag about tomorrow. He runs to
hone his skills and to survive.

well I hope the group has room for some muscle...I send more info on
whichever you choose, I hope to hear from ya soon...

John Gonzalez

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