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Message no. 1
From: "David B. Beck" <BECK5338@********.BITNET>
Subject: Players on the Rampage
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1993 19:53:56 +0200
When I have problems with my players, which doesn't happen very
often, I like to throw them into a social situation that they
have to role-play their way out of. Panther cannons and heavy
armor are fine, but make the huge street sam talk his way out
of a problem. If you think your players have been leaning on
their etiquette skills to heavily, make them play out the
conversation real time with you.(and remind them to stay in
character.) This helps a player realize if his character is a
little underdeveloped; ie. "I don't know how he would react?|"
Of course, this can still turn into a brawl if the players try
hard enough, but sometimes they get to like the social
interaction as much as the fighting. If they persist in killing
everyone or just making dumb mistakes and getting themselves
killed you may have to take drastic action. If the problem is
that the players think they are invincible, maim them. I know
that sounds harsh but it teaches a better lesson. If your
character is killed, you make another, but if he/she loses
magic points, limbs, organs, and such it makes life much more
interesting. To relieve a player of extra essence I prefer to
use vampires(very nice), goblins(from PAE), or Dzoo-Noo-Quo
(my personal favorite). For removal of limbs I like the Stone-
binder(one nasty bat). A well placed mage can also do a good
job if your players are low on magic. If all else fails, and
this is a last resort, throw a juggernaut at them. I gaurentee
that will put the fear of God into them. If, on the other hand,
your players keep making stupid mistakes, either bring in
another player who is more competent or talk to them about it.
Use an NPC to teach them "the ways of the streets". It's no
fun for everyone to die in the first encounter. Use negative
reinforcement, punish but don't kill when they make mistakes.
Granted, if the sam leaps around the corner and five guys with
panther cannons shoot him, oh well(one can only fudge so much.)
Just do the best you can and have fun. Hope this helped.

Dave B.
"Don't plan a run beforehand. Improvise and let the
players guide the way."

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