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Message no. 1
From: "The Great Gonzo `8r) (Ben Granzeau P304)"
Subject: Poe: Vincent vs. Bart
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1993 01:55:01 CST
Personally, I think Vincent Price was really cool. I liked when he read
"The Raven" on a tape I have but he can never compare to Bart Simpson.
"Quoteth the raven: Nevermore|" -Price
"Quoteth the raven: 'Eat my shorts|'" -Narrator and Bart

It was funny.
The doougghh-Bart| Gonzo

The Not-So-Great-As-Sir-Launcelot Gonzo `8r) Upperclass Twit and geek.
Barney must die!! Slowly and Painfully. ^----Gonzo Smiley
"Full goofy mode : On!!!" -- Me. (Just humor him. He might go away.)
"I was cured, alright."--Alex, _A Clockwork Orange_
"What do you thinks, sirs?"--Joel, Mystery Science Theatre 3000
"No sir, I didn't like it."--Mr. Horse, R&S-Ask for it by name!!
All complaints to my puppeteer. I don't always agree with myself...

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