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From: loneeagle@******** (Lone Eagle)
Subject: Professional skill lists (was Re: Character background
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 13:48:16 +0000
At 01:01 PM 1/1/2003 +0100, Gurth wrote:
>I don't have the message with the list aymore, so I can't give many
>specific examples, but I do remember things like Demolitions being in
>there, which IMHO should not be a required skill.

It's there because Shadowrun is a civvy game (for the most part) Every
ex-military guy I know has some knowledge of explosives, certainly notably
more than an average civvy - even if it's just where to put a grenade and
how to pack it to cause maximum structural damage or blow a usable
loophole. Perhaps it should only be at 1 (somebody's shown you how to do it
(or more likely you've seen it done a couple of times and asked questions))
It's the same reasoning as is behind leadership, yes your average squadie
isn't rated very highly for leadership qualities within the armed forces, a
REMF certainly isn't. But in the civilian world people with military
experience (even if it's just as an electrician's mate's brother-in-law
third class of 2062 :-) ) is able to take charge in situations which are
beyond the scope of experience of the civvies; they're the people who're
able to keep their heads when all about them are loosing theirs.
There are a few skills which are there for that reason, granted there are
fewer "civilians" in the world of most SR games but gangers aren't military :D

>Perhaps a better way to set up a skill list (for any profession, not just
>ex-military) is to require a certain set of skills, and also give a set of
>skills on which players need to spend at least a certain number of points.
>So a military skill list could be something like:
> Assault Rifles: 3
> Athletics: 3
> Biotech: 2
> Etiquette (Military): 3
> Stealth: 2
> Throwing Weapons: 1

Doh! I've got to rejig my list now, I totally forgot about grenades <sound
of hand slapping forehead>

>Optional (spend 10 points at least):
> Any other weapons or combat skills
> Car
> Demolitions
> Electronics
> Leadership
>(Keep in mind this is a very quick write-up, not something I thought about
>for very long, so it can probably use a lot of tweaking if anyone wants to
>use it seriously.)

There are a lot of skills which could be listed as optional if I were to
write them as rules, one thing I'd have to do though is force a minimum
number of choices from the optional skill list... either that or actually
list every general "career" (which would take a lot on time and work :-)

Lone Eagle
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