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Message no. 1
From: me@******.net (X3K6A2)
Subject: Programming languages in 2060
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 19:49:21 +0200
> I'd say that the OSes in the 2060s are a lot closer to the hardware than
> now adays.

I would more think it the other way round to 2029, today we walk away
from our hardware, there is no reason fo this to change.
It is cheaper to use "not perfect" coded progs, because hardware is
cheaper than man time.
This also applies to the world after 2029, an think like the matrix is
in my opinion nothing that is coded near to hardware.

Some words about the crash from me, what is about an hardware near
virus, think of some extension to the X86 instruction set, some thing
that includes ethernet adapters.
If this thing is there you need one buffer overflow for each big OS,
the big difference to today is, you can use ethernet (internet)
without a working OS, so you're able to connect to some (WEB)service
while booting.
Given this situation it is possible to boot some OS from the WEB.
There is the one virus to rule them all.

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