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From: Ereskanti@***.com Ereskanti@***.com
Subject: Questioning Affairs (Re: Decipher + FASA)
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 07:57:21 EDT
In a message dated 7/24/1999 3:24:56 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
jestyr@********* writes:

> One of the things I'm really worried about is whether or not they'll
> continue FASA's policy of being cool with what fans do.
> Are Decipher going to get their knickers in a twist about us using
> '' as a domain name for Deep Resonance? Are they likely
> to crack down on fans' use of copyrighted stuff left right and centre?
> (Which FASA is notoriously cool about.)
> That's the stuff I'm really worried about.

AdamJ, and everyone else for that matter, I am going to be adding this to my
list of "questions to ask at Gencon" this year.

For that matter, I am looking for literally *LISTS* of questions to ask FASA
staff while I'm at Gencon this year. AdamJ and I are combining our resources
(Mike B's new digital camera and Adam's new personal recorder) and try and
create the material for a "Gencon TSS" (oh yeah, sure, the material will go
to HHH also). Anyways...

IF there are any questions, please send them to ME directly if you would
(hhackerh@***.com) with the subject being "Questions at Gencon" or something
similar. I'll compile the information, and take it with me when I go. Once
I get back, I'll try and put everything back into a legible, organized,

Additional question ... IS anyone who is going to Gencon this year going to
be taking, or do they possess, a Digital Camcorder? I'm just wondering...


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