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Message no. 1
From: Iridios iridios@*********.com
Subject: R2 Art (Was Re: Improved Reflexes, Adepts, and truly inane questions.)
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 10:45:52 -0400
"Darrell L. Bowman" wrote:

> There are maybe, maybe, a dozen pictures of some drones.
> B&W, yeah, they look cool. But, there aren't pictures of the
> new drones, or new vehicles. Heck, there aren't any vehicle
> pictures at all as far as descriptions and such. There's several
> color palettes that look good. The book is mostly rules and
> stats, very little descriptive art. There are some b&w pics
> spread in and around the text. Some folks will say that this
> was a good move, you've got more room for the rules and
> such, and not so much art, but I wanted to SEE some of the
> vehicles.

Actually R2 does include art for the new vehicles included, they
(FASA) just didn't layout the book in the one vehicle to a page style,
so some of the vehicles are either back a page or on the next.

R2 also includes all the RBB vehicle stats updated for R2 rules, these
don't have the pictures included.

"Accept what you cannot avoid,
Avoid what you cannot accept."

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