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Message no. 1
From: "Gurth" <gurth@******.nl>
Subject: Re: Reading?
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 11:59:08 +0100
Lady Jestyr said on 24 Jan 96...

> >May I point out here that the average person DOES not read for enjoyment?
> They don't???

If that was a serious question I think you were an exception, at least to
99% of the people I knew in high school.
Of course, high schools here tend to make people shy away from reading
simply by the sheer number of boring books they make you read for Dutch
and English, plus for German and French and any other language you might

> >That's why I suggested you
> >introduce the special skill of Speed Reading or Literacy.
> OK, fair enough if you use Literacy. I had quibbles with the Speedreading
> one because I felt it was misleading calling it that.

Would the Literacy skill also include knowledge of literature, or just
give you the ability to read faster than the average person?

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