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Message no. 1
From: Doctor Doom <jch8169@*******.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: Regeneration, Cybeware, HMHVV Dwarves, Oh My!
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 1995 06:19:15 -0500
The official FASA position, as authored by Tom Dowd (also known as Dark
Lord on High -- his position as designated Q&A individual at the FASA
offices now occupied by Carl Seargent, I believe), regarding regeneration
and cyberware:

Vampires may retain that cyberware they possessed previous to their
awakening as the undead; when their body regerates or transforms to mist,
the cyberware, as Essence has been paid for it, is "accepted" and not
summarily expunged or "dropped."

Neither Vampires nor Shapeshifters may have cyberware implanted, however,
as regeneration would make such surgery quite difficult indeed. Another
consideration with Shapeshifters is that cyberware is "an anathema to them.
Remember, they're animals." (to directly quote Herr Dowd) One may also
cite the rule that generally speaking when one implants cybeware into a
"critter," said creature typically goes insane.

HMHVV and related viral substrains:

Humans - Vampire (Manual)
- Nosferatu (Paranormals of Europe)
Elves - Banshee (Manual)
Orks - Wendigo (Manual)
Trolls - Dzoo No Qua (Paranormals of North America)
- Fomorian (Paranormals of Europe)
Dwarves - Goblin (Paranormals of Europe)
- Redcap *

Previous to the publishing of Paranormals of Europe, there was much
discussion 'pon the list regarding the fate of Dwarves embraced into
the world of the undead. The consensus, citing lacking of information
vis-a-vis their ultimate reaction to the viral strain, was that they
simply expire.

* My own response to this was to create the Redcap, based upon a
particularly unpleasant (poor dinner guests, permit me to enlighten
you) "border goblin" in Scottish folklore. The text can be perused
upon my WWW page (, or if requested
it can be posted for the benefit of those not afforded WWW access.

Colonel Count von Hohenzollern und von Doom, DMSc, DSc, PhD.

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