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From: "Lindblom Fredrik, Training" <fredrik.lindblom@*******.TELIA.SE>
Subject: Re: Remington roomsweeper (and now Ares
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995 12:44:00 PDT
> Just what is a remington roomsweeper? The description calls it a heavy
>pistol chambered for shotgun rounds. I've also heard it described as a
>compact combat shotgun.
> The damage code is listed as 9s(f). Does that mean it does 9s against
>unarmores oponnents, ie has a base damage of 9m, but can only fire
>rounds? Or does it do regular shotgun damage and can load any shotgun
>We've been playing that way, which is pretty ill, but fits with the bit
>"high intimidation and take down". Also, its nice to load jells. Do they
>the same ammo as shotguns, but get less damage because of the shorter

> So why is it so fucking small? Conc. 8?! I've snuck these into ultra
>secure meeting rooms. Course, they let me keep my armor also, and I have a
>rep for bieng level headed. But still, just the 8 shotgun shells would be
>pretty big, never mind the barrel. And it is semi auto. Sounds chunky.

Remington(8)+Concealable holster(+2)+Long coat(+2)=Whaddayamean 'strip
search' ???

>So, has anyone out there changed how remington roomsweepers work, or are
>cheap, concealable, deadly guns? I'd like to keep the versatility, but if
>have some real good reason they can't fire slugs, I'll live with it.

Somehow my players missed this lovely piece of hardware completely. Must
have been because there is no picture of it. They prefer things they can
watch, like those in SSHB and FOF.

Anyone that ever fired a shotgun will probably tell you that they would NOT
like to have that recoil crushing their wrists to splinters.

In my campaign it's a heavy -pistol, pure and simple, since Flechette ammo
in a heavy pistol also does 9S(f) damage. This means other ammo could be
used as well, being standard .45 or whatever. As I said, nobody ever used
one, so I guess I'll see about it when someone does. :-)

On the other hand I _have_ had problems with the Ares Viper Slivergun and
recurring head-shots with said weapon. Similar problem here. What the frag
_is_ it really? A heavy pistol? A shower-head looking thing like Molly's in
'Neuromancer'? or what? What caliber(9S (f)lechette=.45?)? What kind of
clip(30 rounds! That's decent for an assault rifle!A calico-style
cassette?)? Can fire BF-no-problemo! And if I'm not mistaken, the thing has
an OK conceal of 6 or so... Now imagine 12D damage in the face (NO armor!)
from from a fraggin pistol! A burst from an assault rifle (OK, standard ammo
any location) does (only) 11S. And hey, isn't it silenced (or supressed?)
too??? and cheap at that???

In my campaign the Slivergun is _BANNED_ and that's it. No whining, please.


>>>[" I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I can't see it
through all the gunsmoke and my mirrored shades. "]<<<

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