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From: David Hinkley dhinkley@***.org
Subject: (Fwd) Re: SR Movies List [OT]
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 21:11:24 -0800
> >*sigh* The tricky part is finding the original Ian Fleming novels,
> >here in Australia. Really want to read 'em...
> <GRIN> I'm not sure exactly there they are (somewhere in my
> parents attic), but I have not quite all of them. Sometimes being in
> america is nice. Anyone ever read any of the novels with Matt
> Helm in them? I want to say they were written by McDonald, but I
> might be wrong. Those are from the same time period, but far
> more realistic and down and dirty in my opinion. First book was
> Death of a Citizen, Second was Wrecking crew. I think there were
> about 20 all together. Sigh.sounds like I need to pay a visit to my
> parents attic and start digging.

Donald Hamilton is the author of the Matt Helm novels. Fawcett published the
paperback editions in the US. John D. McDonald wrote the Travis McGee
novels, which are also very good, as well as many others including the "The
Girl, the Gold watch and Everything" which is very good story about a man
who can slow time.

David Hinkley

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