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Message no. 1
From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: Ritual Circle (PG-13, contains strong language)
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1993 11:20:52 -0700
To tell you the truth, I though this was a joke. But since you asked for it,
KHANx :)

>>Ritual Circle

>>Type: Mana Range: Limited Target: F+2
>>Duration: Sustained Drain: [(F/2) + 3]D

>>This spell creates a temporary "Magical" Hermetic Circle/Shaman Lodge.
>>Rating of the Circle/Lodge is equal to the Force of the spell. The Duration is
>>number of Successes x hours. The size is equal to Force in meters. This spell
>>allows the caster to create and then use this Circle/Lodge as if it was a
>>regular construction - eventually it will fade leaving no trace.

I find this spell to be totally abusive. The idea of a magician just being able
to whip up a ritual circle at a moments notice is Munchkinous (proper usage of
the term).

A medicine lodge takes days to setup in the shaman's totems enviroment. It
also cost a non-negliable amount of money in weighty material. There is no way
such an involved action should be allowed to be done with a quick spell.

Ritual circles are purpose specific, meaning a particular spell (Stink) or
elemental type (fire), and take hours to draw and empower. This is also
something that a quick spell should not be able to replace.

Besides, everything you do inside a ritual circle/medicine lodge is an exclusive
magic action. Thus you cannot sustain the spell while using the lodge. And
a spell with a pseudo-permanent duration like this one is nothing less than a
throw back to AD&D, not to mention that the duration you set make it useless for
anything anyway.

Robert Watkins added:

>>I like the idea, but IMHO, it needs a few changes:

>>First, make the spell sustained. Also, make it Ritual only, with the caveat
>>that it doesn't require the Circle or Lodge. (Rules exception, I know, but it
>>is there to help game balance. :)

This is a radical rules exception. Also, why the hell would you want to use it
if it were a ritual spell? The purpose of a medicine lodge/hermitic circle IS
ritual magic.

>>Third: Have every person involved with the ritual be required to cast the
>>spell (seperately), and the person with the lowest # of successes is used.

If its a ritual than only one spell roll should/needs/could be made.

>>Fourth: It should be a one-use spell... You have to cast it again to be able
>>to re-use the "temporary" Circle/Lodge.

That goes without saying.

>>Fifth: I like the idea of it being available only to initiates, and then only
>>to those who belong to a group (The Astral Contact is what makes it possible).

I strongly object to the creation of any Spell that can only be used by
Initiates. A spell formula is a spell formula, and any mage can use it.

Now this might have sounded alitte (maybe alot) harsh, but to use a term that
got me into alot of trouble last time, this is a BAD spell. It does nothing
less than warp the rules of shadowrun magic.

See Ya in Shadows,
Jason J Carter
The Nightstalker

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