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Message no. 1
From: Stephen Wilcoxon <wilcoxon@***.UDEL.EDU>
Subject: Robots, new skill, new weapon...
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 92 14:44:50 GMT
Check out a very recent issue of Challenge or White Wolf (Challenge I think).
They have rules for robots. I didn't get a chance to look it over real
well, but basically they're VERY expensive, SLOW (about 3 reaction, unclear
if they get any dice added for initiative), fairly tough (vehicular armor
I think), and not TOO deadly (weapon skills about 5-6 on combat models).

New Skill:
Dual-Weapon Use (specific weapon combination):
- gives -1 to the T# per 2 (full) levels of skill only for offsetting
penalty of firing two weapons
- must take a concentration (SWC)
- note: Predator II (right) w/ Uzi III (left) is a different skill from
Uzi III (right) w/ Predator II (left)

New Weapon: ["stolen" from Matador series by Steve Perry]
- Special skill needed to use (treat as specialization for costs); treat
as Projectile for purposes of a Phys Ad "buying" skill
- Action: SA/FA
- Range: as Light Pistol
- Ammo: 10(c)
- Concealability: 7
- Description:
- Adhesive plastic bonds to the back of the hand
- Fired by hyper-extending the index finger
- vs impact armor (unless otherwise noted under ammo type)
- if target has more than 1 point of impact armor (not including
helmet) must make a called shot (without damage increase) or
the dart does not penetrate (gee, a perception test to notice
if the target has armor...)
- Note: If the Dual-Weapon Use skill is not used, either eliminate or
reduce penalty for firing two weapons

Spetsdod Ammo:
Concealability: 12/10 rounds
Ammo Damage Notes
Practice Darts 2L
Shock-Tox 8D Stun "normal" round
Armor Peircing 6L or as toxin; vs 1/2 ballistic armor;
can only put 5 in magazine
High Explosive 6S vs (full) impact armor
Spasm Toxin "8D" no damage is actually done, but if any
is not resisted, then all voluntary
muscles spasm and lock for 6 months -
(Body - 3) * 3 days; no known antidote;
mind is fully aware during this time


The Crystal Wind is the Storm, and the Storm is Data, and the Data is Life.
-- The Player's Litany

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