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From: Alexander Jenisch <night@********.CO.AT>
Subject: Re: [semi-OT] Another "Female Listmembers" thread (was Re: How
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 13:18:40 +0200
Gurth wrote:
> Jessica Grota said on 14:51/25 Apr 98...
> > PS Oh yeah, that's right, I've joined the ranks of the few female
> > ShadowRN subscribers, so I'm under DVixen's protection. So all you guys
> > gotta be nice to me. :)

I'm quite fond about it that there are female RPGer's too cause I know
only few. I'm not sure what's the reason at all. Maybe it got to do
with the fraggin' Austian standart philosophy of society. I don't like
it at all.
But I don't know why you need protection? Paranoia?
If that was a joke then I didn't catch the punch line.
If you really in need of protection you may ask the list members! We can
try if we can protect you (from yourself). ;)

> As Dvixen will be going away for a while soon, you won't have much to hide
> behind for a while... We don't _have_ to be nice to you at all!
> *remembers something about Dvixen's trip*

Uh, please tell me (private of course)!

> Erm, forget I ever said that... :)



What's a female being?


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