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From: shadowrn@*********.com (Da Twink Daddy)
Subject: Setting the stage for the Sixth world was: (Setting the stage for the new Japan)
Date: Thu Jun 6 15:15:01 2002
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From: "Richard Tomasso" <rtomasso@*******.com>


Currently the US is working on a plan to move all our nuclear waste to a
single site. This site happens to be on a few fault lines. The most major
one? A fault line referred to as "the ghost dance".

Me, I'm a computer programmer and I'm definately going to get me a datajack
ASAP, but I am NOT connecting my brain to a computer for the entire year
2029. And, if I ever go into government/military work I shall never
volunteer for anything whose case name contains "Echo" or "Mirage".

I just hope Leonization gets here before I die.

Da Twink Daddy
ICQ# 514984

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