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Message no. 1
From: Tyger09@***.COM
Subject: Shadowfurry (long) Part 1
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 04:46:19 EDT
Ok, this is Shadowfurry (v 1.1). It's my pet project (pun intended), and all
criticisim accepted. The basic rules are as follows. I posted this a while
ago, and I think it was in NERPS (was the "tome" project). I've playtested
it, and the local group likes it (even if they THINK it's weird!)

The gist of it is making people look like 'cute fuzzy animals', all the time.
It makes for some fun game play (Like a two+ meter tall bear picking up a
corp goon my the throat and saying "Hmm, a snack!")

Following our presentation we will have another bit that goes along with the
posting (About biosculpting, but that's explained.) If you want more info
e-mail me and we'll talk.

Oh yes, I'm reposting it due to request. The old people will remember this.
And you can delete this now in that case. (please, no flames about
(REPOSTING!) Thanks.)



And the legal junk. Shadowrun, the Matrix, and a plethora of other names
are all copyrighted to FASA, and I use them without permission. However,
this is meant to be an aid to players. If FASA really wants to sue, I have
no money anyway.

This file can be freely copied around to other places, all I request is you
mention who wrote it, and mail me where you put it.

And now, our feature presentation, "Shadowfurry"... Copyright 1993 Rob
Rubin / Winona RPSIG

Submission : Shadowfurry
Designer : Rob Rubin / Winona RPSIG
E-Mail : Tyger@****
Description : Alternate rules for furries in the Shadowrun universe


2054 Fashion Guide, dateline Seattle

Those who are fashion conscious have, for ages, been looking for
the 'look' which will bring them the attention that they know they deserve.
the past, one might have gone to a plastic surgeon to make you more
attractive and younger looking. But this is a new, awakened world. And
people of all races and creeds are looking to a new direction.
The direction of genetics.
>>> 35 Mp deleted

-- Jander (12:30:33/03-15-54)

>>>>>[Relax, you've seen it all before. Look back into the 'Shadowtech'
and it explains all the gene-tech and grafting. I figured it would save
that you all need to add your own comments. Share and enjoy.]<<<<<
-- Tyger (Any Time / Any When)

This year, the big hoopla was centered on Seattle.

>>>>>[You expected differently?]<<<<<
-- Ursia (12:45:32/03-15-54)

A new company, AnthroCo., a subsideary of Aztechnology, has
announced a breakthrough in genetics. The ability to alter any human, or
metahuman to specific styles. If you thought a Mortimer Greatcoat was
style defined, you should see what AnthroCo. has in store for you!
>>>50 Mp deleted

>>>>>[Ok, keep your pants on. If you really want to see this background
download a copy of 'Snazzy' magazine. It's all in there. But keep in mind
that 'Snazzy' is also a subsid of Aztech. So you can expect a lot of flag
waiving and general grandstanding.

The gist is talking to the scientists and letting them rave on about the
process. All it is grafting animal DNA to human (& metahuman) genes
through a process that they really don't explain, and I could really care
less. All I know is it works. I figured that I could cut to the chase and
let you folks cruise over the actual meat & potato(e)s of this article.
If you want to read useless junk, go right on ahead...]<<<<<
>>>Tyger (Any time / Any when)

The processes:

"The actual process is broken down into individual parts." explains
Dr. J Hamilton of AntrhroCo. "For each individual case, we sit down with the
prospective patient and ask them what they want done, we work over the
details, and work out a plan. Within a week of the first incision, the
patient can walk out the door." He says.

>>>>>[Don't even think of walking in the door unless you have a LOT of
spare. It aint cheap, and the permit can be murder. More on that later.
I'll let the boys talk about that.]<<<<<
-- Abigail (06:34:25/03-19-54)

"We work one on one with each patient, so they are pleased with the
end result." Says Dr. Hamilton. With this work ethic, it's no wonder the
list is growing the rate it is.
"We have some ready made package deals available," Dr. Hamilton
says. "Because we expect requests for some of the more common animals.
However, we can do custom work, and anything is possible in our
laboratories." 70 Mp Deleted

>>>>>[We interrupt this bit of flag waiving to bring you.... the TRUTH!
What they don't tell you ANYWHERE in the article is how much it costs. So
me and a few of the boys went into Aztech to bring you what it costs THEM
to give all you people the 'look' you always wanted and never needed.

(Abby, yer right. It 'aint cheap!)

*<Author note, 'BI' stands for Body Index. I figured it was the most fair
way to deal with it.>*

Their list of basic 'parts'

Process B.I. Cost in NuYen

Minor Facial Alterations ............... .1 ............1,500
Major Facial Alterations ............... .5 ............3,000

This covers moving ears around, modifying cheekbones, rounding out the head,
and the like. Minor alteration still leaves you looking vaguely like who
you started as. Major is a real trip to the wildside.

Muzzle (Short) ......................... .3 ............6,000
Muzzle (Long) .......................... .7 ............8,000

A bit more drastic than the facial alterations, but a must for the full
fuzz features. Mind you, this cost is on top of the facials! Ouch!

Natural Fangs .......................... .3 ............1,500
Natural Claws .......................... .4 ............3,500
Retractable Claws ...................... .5 ............4,500
Horns (Small) .......................... .1 ............3,500
Horns (Large) .......................... .4 ............6,000
Hooves.................................. .5 ...........6,000

What animal would be compleate without claws? These are self explanatory.
The claws do the same damage as a set of hand razors. They remove your old
nails to put in the claws. And they do grow back.

**<The horns do (Str)L1 for small, and (Str)S4 for large. (For the Shadowrun
people out there, this roughly translates into (Str)L for the small, and
(Str+2)S for large, These are BIG HORNS!!!) The small horns are like devil
horns, the large ones are like bulls and big-horn rams.

NOTE! This is all dependent on the animal type! If you get rams horns,
the large horn damage is "STUN" only seeing the it's only impact. If you
get a bull type of large horns, it is 'physical' slash / puncture damage.
It's a GM's discretion and final call>**

Hooves is a weird one, they reconstruct your hands to be something like a
club, leaving you with two fingers and an opposable thumb. This can screw
your life over a bit <-4 on all skills dependent on finger manipulation,
like all B/R skills, firearms, any instrument skill (Except, arguably,
drumming...), bike, car, throwing, and so on>. So why bother? Well, it
acts as a natural club, but it hurts a lot more! <(STR)S2 in 1st ed, (Str)S
in 2nd> And, wow. Oh yah, there's rumors of a weaponsmith who'll custom
fit a gun for your 'hands', if you got the nuYen...

Extended Mandibles ..................... .9 ............10,000

Very insect like. See the 'Mantis' package notes for more info.

Tail ................................... .3 ............3,000
Combat Tail ............................ .6 ............4,500

A normal tail is just that, a tail. The normal model (if you can call it
that) is decorative, and only enhances the look. It can, however, be made
to act like a real tail in all aspects of the term, mainly that of balance.
This costs the surgical team an extra thousand nuYen <and adds a +1 die to
all balance-related skills like athletics, stealth, bike (yes bike!),
gunnery, and so forth.>. But it screws your posture but good. Don't worry
chummers, they make sure it all works fine in the end product (Pardon the
pun), and there isn't any fatigue. (But it's funnier than drek watchin' a
'morph walking with their butts sticking out...)

The combat tail is weighted, and can have a poison injector inside it (And
that's not only illegal, but it costs ESSENCE to install the 'stinger'
injector <.2 for the injector, and it's retractable too!> But since when did
that ever stop us?) The injector holds four doses of anything you put into
(4 human doses. You adjust accordingly per race.) Either way, either tail
sturdy enough to use as a hand (at about 1/2 Quickness) and it can be used to

hold onto large objects. But believe you/me. It can't hold a troll...

Digitigrade Legs ....................... 1.75 ............10,000
Quadroped System........................ 2.9 (ESSENCE)...50,000
Fur / Scales ........................... .75 ............20,000
Skinchange ............................. .2 ............5,000
Heavy Scales ........................... 1.0 ............25,000
Full Exo-Skeleton ...................... 2.0 ............50,000
Frame Alterations ...................... 1.5 ............20,000

Digitigrade legs move your feet so you walk on the tips, a lot like a dog.
Trust me, this really screws you up for a week or so. (+7 to all
action-oriented target numbers. This number goes down one per day, as you
get used to it.) But the advantage is it can make you move like a banshee
in heat once you get into it. (+2 to reaction, and it adds +3 to quickness
for movement purposes only.)

The 'quadroped system' is a fun one. They rip out your skeleton, and
replace it with a plasteel one. Now, it's not like the OTHER 'steel
skeleton' the sammies know and love. It's not armored. But, once you
activate it, it runs through pistons and wires and makes you a 4 legged
version of the animal you're sculped to be.

The bad part. You have to have the digitigrade legs, starter. You get the
most realistic sculpt you can (read, the most expensive), and then you go
under the knife. Once you get it, it takes about five minutes for the full
change over. When it's done, you look like eith a really small bear, a
really bit doggie, or an average size lion.

What's so bad? From what we hear, the process is painful the first few
times you use it, and you have to get used to walking on all 4's, and all
your cyberwear may not fit you anymore, and your armor won't fit, and so on
and so forth. You can get 'customised' armor made up, if you'd like, if
you can find someone to make it for you.

There is a brighter side, tho'. Because your using all 4 limbs for
movement only, it tends to make you faster and more agile. **<+2 dice
athletics, +3 quickness, and a +1 to reaction when in full form>** It also
tends to make a Johnston a bit more lucrative in the cash department, soka?

A skinchange just pigments the dermis to a color pattern of your choice.
This can simulate anything from a white rabbit to a orange and black
striped tiger to a black & white zebra. Once you choose it, it doesn't
change, it's permanent, kids. That is, until you go in for a different
It's like a tattoo with an attitude, really.

The fur and scales are pretty much self explanatory. There is a chance of
getting cancer from this process. **<roll body, target of 7 minus body.
Dermal plating does NOT help. If you have two successes, you are cancer
free. If not, the cost to cure it is double the initial surgery, and it
removes the fur / scales.>**

Heavy scales give the person actual armour! (1 ballistic, 2 impact)
The full Exo-skeleton is even more so! (4 Ballistic, 4 Impact) but it
munches your speed **<+1 to all active skills for heavy scales, and +2 to all
active skills for the exo-skeleton, including firearms! Also, a -1 to
quickness for heavy scales, -2 for exo-skeleton>**. All in the quest to
be a walking panzer, I guess.

Frame alterations bacically make you smaller or bigger. Our figures guess
somewhere around the 15-35% mark each way. This is covered in the other
posting of 'biosculpting', but it's included in here so you can look more
like a beast of your choice. I mean, who'd be intimidated bu a scawny
little bear? (I know some guys who'd hug you instead a shooting you!)

Keep in mind that all those prices was the factory cost! The cost at the
Seattle AnthroCo. Clinic is about x1.5 that cost, and a ripperdoc's cost
can be higher still.

And, before you forget, remember you need permits for implanted weapons!
AnthroCo. is generous enough to register you as an armed 'anthropomorph' in
Lone-Star files. But, a ripperdoc doesn't ask questions (usually). The
cost of the permit is equal to a weapon of like. (For example, a small
blade weapon will cover fangs and claws. And a large bladed weapon will
cover the larger horns.)

You've been warned...]<<<<<
-- da goon skwad (21:46:14/03-20-54)

Package deals:

"Because of the high demand on certain types of changeovers," Dr.
Kass says "We have package deals that cover all the basics of a certain
type. In the past, we have gotten some rather obscure requests, but we can
do virtually anything that a customer can think up."

>>>>>[Sorry to interrupt again, but I feel I have to apologize. See, the
of this is all color adverts. And, seeing the medium I'm using, I can't show

the photos. Now, granted, they look real nice. But the words are as
Oh yeah, remember that this is the cost to the consumer if you go to
Buyer beware? Neh? So, again, Sorry about the no-photos.]<<<<<
-- Tyger (Any Time / Any When)

>>>>>[Sure, he can blot out a time-date stamp, but he can't zap a simple
-- Jander (00:49:23/03-23:54)


This package has a few incarnations. The first is a slight modification,
only changing the facial features slightly and adding a tail.
(Minor facial, Short muzzle, a tail and a skinchange. BI : .9 Cost :

The second is a more striking cat, stronger features, and a stronger
(Major facial, short muzzle, natch fangs, retractable claws, tail, fur[you
specify pattern] BI : 2.65 Cost : 57,000)

>>>>>[Expensive, yes.. But worth every nuYen.]<<<<<
>>>Tyger (Any Time / Any When)

>>>>>[Says you, you mangy furball.]<<<<<
-- Rascal (17:38:46/04:10:54)


Again, this comes in stages. Dependent on your needs. For example, the
pit-bull, a popular option for the back-alley types, is easily done.
(Major facial, muzzle (short), natural fangs, (tail is negligible),
digitigrade legs, fur. Nuyen : 60,750 BI : 3.6) *<Note : Stub tails
cannot be used for the 'balance tail' as above>*

This package also covers many other types of species such as wolves, foxes,
and the like.

>>>>>[Mix and match the price list above, I know an elf who had a fox
conversion. Neat guy, too bad about the choice, however...]<<<<<
>>>Tyger (Any Time / Any When)

>>>>>[Yah, right.]<<<<<
>>>Kit (14:14:14/03-21-54)


We offer this mainly because we have had several requests for it in the
Seattle area. It consists of replacing the body with the full exoskeleton
and adding the mandibles. The effect is disturbing, if the user wants it
to be. Total cost is 120,000 Nuyen
(Frame alteration, mandibles, and the exoskeleton. BI 4.4)
We have also done one conversion to a scorpion-type humanoid for an up and
coming urbanbrawler. Be watching the vids for him!

>>>>>[I wouldn't go for this one, chummers.]<<<<<
-- Rascal (13:23:55/03-20-54)

>>>>>[Why not?]<<<<<
-- Wolfman (13:24:10/03-20-54)

>>>>>[I don't know the details, but it seems there was this guy who likened
himself to an insect, something about the perfect predator and his
connections. Well, he saved up the money and got himself a conversion. On
the way out of the ripperdoc, he was geeked by about thirty 'runners all
yelling it was a bug and it should be killed. Personally, I was on the
other end of the sprawl when it happened...]<<<<<
-- Rascal (13:25:12/04-02-54)


Again, this was by special request, but it was so interesting that we have
added it to the line. This was made for 'Minotaur', a no-holds combat
fighter on the Tri-vids. It has caused quite a stir, and it's now
available to the public. (Major facial, Long muzzle, digitigrade legs,
skinchange, and large horns. The tail is negligible. BI : 3.55 COST :
48000 NuYen)

>>>>>[Obviously, not for the carnivore in your life...]<<<<<
>>>Jander (23:30:43/03-29-54)


This style had long been popular i The fact that the Tri-vid
show "Dinosaurs" has done so well is a tribute to this. So we offer this
for the true beasts that roam the streets.

(Minor facial, Short muzzle (or long, but this one is for short), natch
fangs, retract claws, combat tail, digitigrade legs and scales.
BI 4.0 / Cost : 60,000 nuYen.)

>>>>>[Keep in mind they will add whatever you want to add. A chummer of

had this done, and he got the heavy scales and got an injector on the tail.
WOW! This guy can rock with the best of them! Oh yeah, this is a fun
convert if you like to slam in the local mosh pit!]<<<<<
-- Predator (10:32:52/04-01-54)

>>>>>[Dunkelzahn won't be amused.]<<<<<
-- Highwayman (17:33:54/04-08-54)

-- Dunkelzahn (--:--:--/--:--:--)

-- Jander (13:23:11/04-10-54)


Some people are naturally drawn to bears of all kinds, so we include this
with our stock exotica forms.
(Minor facial, Short muzzle, natch fangs, natch claws, tail (negligible in
costs) and fur. BI 1.95 Cost : 48,750 NuYen)

>>>>>[There's a troll out there somewhere with this. I had the honor to

with him once. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe this guy. Honest to
ghost, this guy picked up three Lone Star's and threw them across the
street! Simultaneously! One mean bear. I'd like to work with this guy again
-- Flynn (06:23:54/03-22-54)

-- Ursia (23:55:23/03-25-54)


Horses have often been signs of strength, loyalty, and bravery. So
it seemed natural to include this into the package lists of AnthroCo. Any
coat pattern can be made.
(Major facial, long muzzle, hooves, fur skinchange, tail, and frame
alteration. NuYen : 53,250 BI : 3.5)

>>>>>[I've heard a rumor that there's a ripperdoc somewhere in Chicago

willing to do one of these with a twist. Seems he's found a way to make
'Joe Public' into a Pegasus furry or a unicorn!
Again, I dunno the validity of this, but I can tell you that a chummer To
mine said one of the 'houses of pleasurable delights' over there has a uni-
morph as a "paid employee". Then again, he's one to over-use a BTL, ya
-- Zappy (19:58:33/04-9-54)

>>>>>[NO RUMOR!!! It's fact! He also knows a way to make a Pegasus furry
FLY! An eagle shaman friend of mine said it was some quickened thing, but it

was spooky. Whoever he was got shot down by UCAS as a UFO and was taken in
for questioning... 'just hope they don't ask 'bout me.]<<<<<
-- Tyger (Any Time / Any When)


Well, I suppose I made a big impression on the populous with shadowfurry,
but not in the way I was hoping to. So, to clear some disputes, I would
like to post some designer notes. Hopefully, this should not be nearly as
long as the "Shadowfurry" post.

It all started when someone asked me if you could use these conversions to
make a troll look human. The debate has raged beyond the scope of what it
started as. So, once again, I sit at my lonely writers garrison and pound
out an explanation.

First things first. Like the last one, I'm going to attempt to give the
'Slice-o-Life' by giving you the magazine my time-travel friend gave me. :X)

From Snazzy Magazine (Neo-Anarchists Guide (TRL!)), Circa 2054.

Dr. Hamilton also let us in on other things that AnthroCo. is doing
to improve society. "Using the exotica technique, we can alter what
metahumanity looks like to an extent." he says. "It has lessened the
impact of goblinization on several of our clientele and their siblings."

>>>>>"Don't believe the hype. A troll is a troll, and the best troll
is a
dead one."<<<<<
-Straiff (13:43:59 \ 3/23/54)

>>>>>"Bite me."<<<<<
-Grinder (17:22:38 \ 3/23/54)

"The whole surgery is not unlike our biosculpting technique." He
went on to say. "And, as with the exotica lines, the patient is in and out
within a week." >>>>103 MP deleted

>>>>>"Should I ask?"<<<<<
-Jander (03:42:10 \ 3/10/54)

>>>>>"No, but since you did, I deleted what wasn't nessary, because I
the real research to the boys who know the ropes, and the files, of Aztech.
Oh boys? Play dat fuhnky moozic!"<<<<<
-Tyger (Any Time \ Any Where)

>>>>>"Thank you, Tyger. And greetings once again We hope to clear
the air.

So, on with tonight's entertainment!

So, what can they do? Well, the answer depends on who and what you
are. Let's start with a good percentage of the population, Humans. Now,
they can easily make you look like a dwarf, elf, or ork. This is done with
some frame alteration from the last installment.

So what is a frame alteration, you ask. Well, it can increase or
decrease a persons height and/or mass by about %25. This means if, for
example, your a human and you'd rather be an ork, you'd get a frame
alteration, add some mass on, and you'd look like a humanish-ork.

Not to say that those surgeons aren't miracle workers. I've seen
pics of some nice lookin jobs. But, it just ain't the real thing! It
shows too.

Below is what can and cannot be done. But the impossible is just
around the corner, neh?

From Humans : Possible conversions & Limitations
To : Dwarf : Must be a short human
Elf : Bod must not be higher than 5, Str no higher than 5.
Ork : Bod no lower than 4, Str minimum of 3, Qui max of 5.

From Dwarf :
Human : Bod max of 6

From Elf :
Human : Qui max of 5, Bod min of 4
Ork : Bod min 6, Str min 5

From Ork :
Human : Bod max of 6, Str max of 7
Troll : Bod min of 5, Str min of 5, Qui max of 5
Elf : Bod max of 3, Str max of 4, Qui min of 4

From Troll :
Human : Bod max of 2. Str max of 3, Qui min of 4
Ork : Bod max of 3, Str max of 5, Qui min of 3

<<<This is before racial modifiers! -Tyger>>>

Mind you, if you get this done to you, you can lose not only your
body index, but your body as well. Trolls tend to lose the toughened hide
when they become another race. But elves hold onto their eyes (unless,
natch, they're cybered.)

And, hey mage-boys! Wanna see something wiz? Find a troll who now
looks human, and get a load of what they look like astrasly! WOW! Ever seen
a more confused image? Neither did our rezi mage, he's still confused!

Remember, it's your life! Do what you like."<<<<<
-da goon skwad (09:23:11 \ 3/10/54)

>>>>>"So there you have it, the tawdry details. Trust me, it's easier
tell it this way then to spend 103 MP on drivel."<<<<<
-Tyger (Any Time \ Any Where)


I'd send it all in one post, but my AOL account will only send this many
lines at a time (sigh...) Continued next message.


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