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Message no. 1
From: Dvixen <dvixen@********.COM>
Subject: ShadowRN FAQ, Part 3/3
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 22:14:13 -0800
ShadowRN Mailing List FAQ, Part 3 Frequently Asked Questions for
Version 2.02
Part 3 of 3
Originally Compiled : ??? by Robert A. Hayden.
Last Update : November 11, 1997

Fearless Leader : Mark Imbracio <mark@******.net>
Asst. Fearless Leader : Adam Jury <fro@***>
FAQ Flunky : Dvixen <dvixen@********.com>


In Part 1 :

In Part 2 :

In This Part :
A. Common Acromymns
B. Shadowrun Lexicon of Common Terminology




7.A Common Acromymns:
IMO : In My Opinion
IMHO : In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO : In My Not So Humble Opinion
LOL : Laughing Out Loud
ROFL : Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO : Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
AFAIK : As far As I Know
IIRC : If I Remember/Recall Correctly
RTFM : Read the F&^%$# Manual (Can also mean read the FAQ)
YMMV : Your Milage May Vary

7.B Shadowrun Lexicon of Common Terminology
Originally Complied by : Doctor Doom
Edited by : Adam Jury and Dvixen

THE DARK LORD (ON HIGH) (Archaic) - A title originally given to Tom Dowd,
the Line Developer for Shadowrun. The current DLOH is Mike Mulvihill, though
he is rarely called by that title.

FASA - The Freedonian Aeronautic and Space Administration. The company
which produces our own beloved Shadowrun, as well as Earthdawn, another game
with important ties with the Shadowrun world. Discussion and reviews of
recent FASA products are fairly common upon the mailserver, as are
commentary regarding various rulings from The Dark Lord.
The name Freedonia comes from the European country depicted in "Duck Soup",
a Marx Brothers film, in which Groucho Marx portrays Rufus T. Firefly,
President of Freedonia.

FEARLESS LEADER - Term for the listowner, Mark Imbracio, and Adam, who is
Assistant Fearless Leader. Coined in homage to the Rocky and Bullwinkle
television show; Fearless Leader was the man that Boris and Natasha reported

MUNCHKIN - Either noun or verb. Munchkinism is exhibited in two primary
forms of expression, that of rules interpretation/implementation and power.
Munchkins tend to interpret rules in either the broadest possible sense or
such that benefits shall be disproportionately bestowed, especially in
exclusive favor to their character. They consistently push the envelope of
the letter and spirit of the law in an effort to gain the greatest
(sometimes individual) latitude. Usually, areas targeted for such pressure
are instances where the published rules are particularly vague or may not
specifically apply, i.e., loopholes.
Besides this, Munchkins are quite willing to take leave of the game system
to achieve their desires and demonstrate a great willingness to alter,
augment, or eliminate the rules without paying due consideration to
alternatives to or the ramifications of their actions.
As has already been implied, the end product of all Munchkins efforts lead
to one thing: Power. Munchkins are driven by the desire to become the most
potent player in the group/setting/world in which they are playing. Further,
any questions as to the believability (within the genre) or feasibility of
such exceedingly potent characters or are not salient to the Munchkin. Also,
Munchkins are generally very reticent to create serious obstacles or
problems for his character, and typically they exhibit most grievous
vexation should the Game Master or other players frustrate his plans. In
line with this, they energetically seek to avoid any disadvantages or costs
in an effort to achieve their goals. A Munchkin EXPECTS to win all the time.
True, it may be argued that the above behaviours are merely natural
tendencies, but they attain a certain fanaticism in Munchkins.
Addendum, Oct 1997. A Munchkin is also a breed of cat with very short legs.

NERPS - "Inside Joke" at the offices of FASA. According to them, it
originally stood for "Nothing Ever Really Pleases Steve/Scott", although no
particulars as to the identity as to Steve or Scott were given. Appeared in
FASA products as early as Virtual Realities (p. 81) possibly earlier. Has
now taken on a life of its own.
This meaning is in question, and has been denied by some FASA staff, on
multiple occasions, to multiple witnesses.
NOTE: Despite the natural tendency to interpret NERPS as a jibe to Steve
Jackson Game's product, GURPS, such speculation is without foundation.
NERPS are the ultimate placebo. They may serve as a cure (almost) for
anything one might care to name: From the common cold to nuclear war. NERPS
are commonly used to contend with Munchkins and just about anything else
that springs to mind.
Also a series of Shadowrun net.books, and a companion mailing list at

THWAP - The sound a wet carp makes when someone is struck with it; also the
act of striking someone with a wet carp.
The term was first used in the latter part of the year the list became
operational, when our Fearless Leader, Robert Hayden, was experiencing
considerable problems with his mailer, such that all were receiving several
copies of EVERY posting he dispatched.
Howls of discontent were heard across the node. Tempers were raised. Flames
were exchanged.
On Thursday, 22 October 1992 (21:03:17 CET), Hayden, in an attempt to
soothe the raising ire of the other members as well as offer an apology,
infused a bit of levity in his requesting pardon for the inconvenience, to
wit : "You can thwap me with a wet carp if it will make you feel better."
And thus the concept was born. Immediately many list members latched upon
this rather novel idea. The first actual THWAP was invoked by Doctor Doom on
22 October 1992, 15:31:00 CST, rapidly followed by Harlequin and Flare. A
legend was begun...
Since then, its has been used so frequently that the idea took on a life of
its own, and it is now a legitimate term, even if only jargon. Thwaps are
generally brought to bear upon especially bizarre, silly, or Munchkinous
ideas, although their invocation usually indicates a degree of levity and
good-spiritedness. Thwaps are not meant for spite--that purpose is served by

TOLM WAPPERs (archaic) - Generic term for the denizens of the Shadowrun
list. Initially stood for Those Other List Members Which Are Presently
Perplexed at this Esoteric Rambling. Other users are also collectively
referred to as simply "the list" on occasion.

WOODCHUCK - Ask around, see if any one lets you ask without Thwapping you
first. ;)


"ShadowManiacs," the official SHADOWRN mailing list theme song. Sung to the
tune of Animaniacs.
by former Assistant Fearless Leader, Doctor Doom

It's time for ShadowManiacs!
And we're posting to the max!
So, set your keyboards in your laps
You'll type 'til you collapse
We're ShadowManiacs!

Come join the Fearless Leader
And his Dread Executor, too
They're the ones who admin this crazy mailing zoo
They bring their carps down,
Whenever things come unglued,
But threads break loose
Flaming ensues
And now you know the mood!

We're FASAmaniacs!
Hayden is cute while Doom give threads the axe.
J.D. Falk packs away the FAQs
While Bill Clinton plays the sax.
We're ShadowManiacs!

Meet Damion and Gurth, both named "guru" on a lark,
Cornholio demands t.p.; Doom thwaps him with a carp
Whistler grumbles daily, and then the arguments start
Oh, no -- FASA's goofed
Here come the spoofs
See how the rules can warp!

We're ShadowManiacs!
We want play-test-ing contracts!
We're discordant to the max (fnord)
There's contention on the facts
We're ShadowMain-y
Totally insane-y

*You'll never be the same-y!
*(insert gripe) book sure is lame-y!
*Who's to blame-y?
*Go ahead and flame me!
*Our SysOps complain-y!
*The Dark Lords maintain-y!
*Not Quickenings AGAIN-Y!

Those are the FAQs.

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