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Message no. 1
From: BEA104@*****.BITNET
Subject: ShadowRun Martial Arts--Different Version
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 92 01:14:00 EST
Ok, here goes. As an initial apology, I'm sorry if I seemed snippity in
the last post. It wasn't meant to be.

I based my Martial Arts off of the basic Hero rule book, but modified them
to fit a little better into my game. As I said before, I allow one of the
special skills(beyond your average punch) per skill level. As this was
originally designed to be a deal for a Skill Point shy player in character
generation, I allowed my Martial Artist to have some limited Armed, Unarmed,
Throwing, and Projectiles skill. Specifically, the character can use Katanas
and other weapons specially designated Martial, can use his/her Martial Arts
skill for Unarmed, can throw aerodynamic weapons like shuriken, and can use
long bows.

Special Skills:

Defensive Strike: 1.5x Skill level to counter-attack,-1power,-1Damage C
Martial Strike: +1 Damage Category
Nerve Strike: +5 TN to hit, (StrX2+1)S stun and total immobility of
struck area until grip is released or broken
Choke Hold: +4 TN to hit, (Str+1)S stun, sets up held target for a throw
or strike or similar move
Martial Throw: (Str+2)M stun damage when the target hits the ground
unless he happens to have a Breakfall skill or somesuch--Must be
held or grabbed first
Sacrifice Throw: you fall and do (Str+2)M damage to your opponent, but
take no damage yourself
Martial Dodge: it allows the MA to an additional Quickness in dice to
avoid taking damage
Martial Disarm: (Str)L and if the wound remains, the weapon is removed
Martial Escape: Qx2 dice to break away from a hold, using agility
instead of strength
Martial Grab: 1.5x Skill to grab, does no damage, and adds +.5x Skill to
resist breaking of the grab
Improved Damage: raises the damage code for stun damage to S.
>>>>[Now don't get to excited about this one. I'm including it because it
could make life more interesting...]<<<<
Missile Deflection: Minimum Quickness of 7 to use it. Adds the MA skill
rating when resisting damage from slow moving projectiles, like
shuriken and throwing knives and arrows. This only applies when the
person can SEE the incoming projectile.

Well, that about does it. Let's see what the world thinks...


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