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Message no. 1
From: Doctor Doom <JCH8169@*****.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: SHADOWTALK: Fuel-air explosives as party favors.
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 03:08:49 CET
> >>>>>[Yes... that's exactly why I want some... :) And don't
think I'm
> crazy. I'm psycho.]<<<<<
> --Tailhook <Look Ma/I can fly!>

>>>>>[Praytell, what minefield/barrier do you want to
-- Jake <Send all you want; We'll crunch more.>

>>>>>[Whatever gets in the way.]<<<<<
--Tailhook <Look Ma/I can fly!>

>>>>>[ Does the term 'collateral damage' have any meaning for you? These
weapons have a huge area of effect...not exactly useful against specific urban
targets, not to even mention the fact that they are extremely obvious--a good
way to bring the local 'powers that be', i.e. organized crime, MegaCorporations,
law enforcement agencies, down on you. ]<<<<<
-- Doctor Doom <20:07:45/10-27-52>

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