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Message no. 1
From: Kurt Rauscher <kjrausch@*******.CS.VT.EDU>
Subject: shadowtalk: if the listserv is up, bear with me
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 92 00:37:44 -0400
>>>>>>[ well, let's see. Rat( mouse?) is here. Rudeboy is here.
who the hell is dark razor. nevermind. he must suck. he's not me. Mouse
i'm surprised that you even found this place. i would have thought you'd still
be crawling about in that maze of an MPCP you've got. Rudeboy: I would 'dare'
to challenge you. I know how truly pitiful you are at decking. when i find you
i will slag your deck. try not to be so overconfident next time. ^^^ yes,
that is when, NOT if. Well the soycaf's starting to wear off so i think i may
get some sleep for once in the last few days. 'Nuff said. ]<<<<<
>>-Datatorch <puny deckers beware/ I'm in need of target practiceee>

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