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From: "David M Girardot (Girardot, David)" <GIRARDOT@********.BITNET>
Subject: SHADOWTALK: Part Two of the "Incident"
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 92 16:49:51 edt
Here is some of the shadowbabble that's going on in my campaign about the
"tacnuke? incident". Since some of you seemed to enjoy the last bit I
figured I would go ahead and post this bit as well. It's not as long as the
other, so don't worry. :)

This information could have been found on any green rated shadowboard, so is
fairly suitable for players.

>>>>>>[ Yeah? Well I was tooling around in a spotter drone when all of
sudden the guages go bonkers and then everything goes dead, right? At first I
thought mebbe that new freelight-vx4 rig was the problem ... but when I collect
the black box and examine the logs I sees the drone was hit by an Em Shock the
likes I only heard of inna threedies ... that wasn't no nuke, either, my guages
caught a flash and heatwave with the sigs all wrong for a nuke, or even a
tacnuke. Cripes, it's starwars all over again... ]<<<<<<
-- Wild Bill

>>>>>>[ That warn't no nuke, neither. It was a high wattage microwave
fired from orbit, and I have the logs ta prove it. Fer yer information,
SatCom, the satellite watchdog company, was completely shut down for
thrity-four minutes on October 22nd, around the time of the incident. And yes,
kiddies, SatCom is owned by Aztech -- (who's system was disconnected from the
matrix for THREE HOURS). Now, the incident happened at about 3:00 am. SatCom
came offline at 2:45am and back on again at 3:19am. Aztech dropped off of the
Matrix at exactly 3:25am. ]<<<<<<
-- The Watcher ()

>>>>>>[ ! Guess somebody caught Aztech with their pants down. Heh.
where'd ya get the data, chummer? ]<<<<<<
-- Fred (10:28:33/10-24-53)

>>>>>>[ You really don't want to know. ]<<<<<<
-- The Watcher ()

>>>>>>[ Hey, didn't Renraku go offline also? ]<<<<<<
-- Fred (10:29:11/10-24-53)

>>>>>>[ What the hell. Renraku went offline four times in the past two
Last August the were off for 5 minutes on the 5th at 6:23pm; and again on the
8th at 5:43pm for 3 minutes. In september they were off for a whopping 15
minutes on the 11th at 11:02pm. On October 22nd around 4am or so they went
offline for nearly an hour. The alert originated from a subsidiary in Seattle.
-- The Watcher ()

>>>>>>[ Let's just call it a rumor, but I heard old Fastjack received
three or
four calls from major Corps, including Renraku and Aztech, with offers for
"employment" which were later rejected. ]<<<<<<
-- Casimir (12:01:52/10-24-53)

>>>>>>[ Why don't you mind your own damn business, chummer. Watcher, I
very much like to speak to you. Leave a message on Cybercrime6 for me, if you
will. ]<<<<<<
-- Fastjack (1:35:43/10-24-53)

>>>>>>[ Get a life ya fraggin' drekheaded dandelion eaters. Ya elves
fragged horse turds, awright. 'Raku would only hire da best an' dat means Lobo
cuz Lobo means mayhem, ya bastiches. ]<<<<<<
-- Lobo (Drek Off)

>>>>>>[ Lobo may mean mayhem but it certainly doesn't mean circumspect,
I mean
how could you **************)*$)*@)(@()@#&@&@$&^@(@)(@))@@)@

>>>>>>[ What a bastich. Screw with the best, die like the rest. Hope
ya like
the file I sent, ya lamer, right now your deck is melted scrap, and I tagged
yer loc so I'm comin' ta rearrage ter face. ]<<<<<<
-- Lobo (Drek Off)

>>>>>>[ Lobo, give the lubber a good pound for meself, eh? Ar. Now you
who is talkin' about lookin' into the satellites, I advise ya to try somethin'
a little less dangerous, like runnin' the Sioux border with nothin' but a
Streetline special and yer britches with a big sign painted that says "Indians
Suck"... get the pitcher? Now, I ain't bein' condescendin', I jus' hate ta
y'all get scragged over somethin' ya ain't got nothin' ta do with.
--BlackBeard (The Pirate)


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"For after all, as great scientists have said and as all children
know, it is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception,
and compassion, and hope." --Ursula K. LeGuin

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