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Message no. 1
From: Jonathan Hurley <jhurley1@************.EDU>
Subject: Smartgun Link (pt 2)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 11:17:51 -0400
Ancillary functions, or why a smartgun is smarter than an adapted gun:

Ancillary functions of the smartgun include the specifics of the guntrivia
sent to the user, mode change for a free action, clip ejection for a free
action, and in the case of smartgun II, two-way action for called shots.

Most of these functions cannot be performed without at least some
modification to the weapon. An external adapter can probably send some
guntrivia (rounds fired since last system reset, external barrel temp, and,
if the gun's ammo counter is so fitted, an ammo count). It can't tell you
lifetime ammunition expenditure, specific type of ammunition loaded, or
anything that would require some sort of sensor inside the weapon. The
firearm with smartlink modification can (as the sensors are fitted as part
of the modification), as can the factory-built smartgun (duh).

Furthermore, without rebuilding the trigger group/action, the external
adapter can't affect the mode selection setting (safe/SA/BF/FA) or the clip
ejection mechanism. These functions are simply lost without the internal
changes performed during the smartgun refit.

The last bonus a smartgun has over a normal weapon is that it does not
produce stray shots during walking fire. This, again, would not be the case
with an external adapter, as it cannot interfere with the action of the
weapon. An internal smartgun has a command-lockable action; he can command
the action to hold during a burst (whether BF or FA), *unless* the proper
command is given via DNI to release the action. Any shots held in this
fashion are lost, however. This capability is only present when the weapon
is in BF or FA, however. (The level II smartlink and smartgun have
action-lock capability in SA/SS as well; see below).

Someone (David Foster IIRC) said that one of the reasons that level II
smartlink get a bonus to called shots is because of the higher
"intelligence" of the weapon. This is a factor, certainly. The other major
factor is the two-way action. A Smartlink II user, with a properly
configured gun, can command the action to cycle (fire the weapon) via DNI,
without use of the manual trigger, as well as mentally "holding" the round
as a smartgun level I can. IE, the user can mentally fire the weapon at any
time, whether or not he is hot on the trigger, *or* he can hold down the
trigger while acquiring a target, and mentally release the hold when the
ballistic arc crosses the desired part of the target.

(part 3 will include a discussion on smartlinks and specialty weapons)

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