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Message no. 1
From: 92804168@***.UWPLATT.EDU
Subject: Smartgun links explained (according to the rules, too!)
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 93 13:13:00 CST

There has been a lot of discussion/arguing lately about how smartguns and
smart goggles work. Well, I decided to actually take time and look it up in the
rulebooks. Following are two quotes direct from the pages of SR I. (If you have
SR II, your mileage may differ)

SMART GOGGLES (p. 120): This is a pair of oversized goggles that connect by
fiber-optic cable to a weapon rigged as a smartgun. The chips in the gun feed
the receptors in the goggles, producing a red crosshair in the user's field of
vision centered on where the gun is pointing. The gun's ammo status appears in
the user's field of vision as well. This system may be built into a helmet, or,
for enough nuyen, rigged as mirror shades. In addition to simple targeting,
goggles may be set up for low light or infrared reception.

SMARTGUN LINK (p. 128): This is the feedback loop circuitry neccessary to take
full advantage of a smartgun. Targeting information appears on the user's
retina or cybereye. A flashing crosshair appears at his focal point, remaining
solid once the system has directed the user's hand to aim the weapon at that
point. Typical systems use a subdermal induction pad in the user's palm to link
with the smartgun.

So, for smart goggles, the system functions the same as a laser sight,
with the added benefits that there is no actual beam going to your target, the
iclusion of info such as ammo status, and the ability to have them modified to
include vision modifications. Simply, if you look at a target, but the weapon
is pointed a bit off to the left, you would see a red crosshair to the left of
the target, and could make the adjustments needed.

A smartgun link on the other hand functions completely different. If you
are looking at a target, but the weapon is pointed a bit off to the left, you
would see a flashing crosshairs on your aiming point, and the link would MOVE
YOUR HAND AND ARM so the weapon is pointed at that point. The cursor would then
become solid, letting you know that you are now aiming correctly.

One might ask, if you have a smartgun link, why do you need a weapon
skill? Why not just look at things and let the link help you shoot it?

The answer is because firing a weapon is not just a matter of selecting an
aiming point and pulling the trigger. You have to have a steady aiming point.
You have to know how to lead a moving target. You have to know to aim high at a
long distance target to compensate for the drop of the bullet. You have to know
how to squeeze the trigger, not jerk it or pull it.

So yes, the smartgun link is a GREAT help in hitting a target, but skill
is also a big part.

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