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From: "Dark Thought Publications." <JEK5313@*****.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: Smartguns. *sigh* DO we HAVE to keep arguing the same things?!
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 01:57:21 CET
As much as I'd love not to , I feel that any respponse that I might
make to this article requires that I repost most (if not all) of it, in order
to isolate the relevant portions. Please forgive me for this rapine of the

Girardot@*********.edu said:
]I disagree with what was last posted. A smartgun uses some type of imaging
]of course, but I would say its more like a laser than a camera. Perhaps
]the better systems use a redundant system of UV, Infra-red, and laser to
]cover more of the vagaries of combat conditions. The smartgun system
]returns information about the guns elevation, distance to target, targetting
]angles, and the like -- as well as providing a sort of rudimentary expert
]system that would allow better targetting in conditions where the subject
]is moving very fast, etc. (As in always). :) In other words, the smartgun
]is much more than a simple laser sight.

I don't know where you got those ideas-- the description of the device
does not include any details such as those you have suggested. In specific,
there is no expert system, no elevation readout, no distance to target, and no
targeting recoil mod system. Those are externals which COULD be developed
(mind you that I not only am not arguing about that-- I kind of like the ideas)
but are NOT part of the cybernetic smartgun link system. If you would like to
state this as a house rule modification of the existing system, please state so
somewhere in your posting, lest the rest of us jump to the conclusion that you
don't read your sourcebooks.
There is no laser involved. The smartlink system determines where, to
the best of its ability, the gun is pointing and displays the information to
you in the form of a dot superimposed on your standard vision. The new link
explicitly allows change of fire and ejection of clips through cybernetic
link-up, but your suppositions, sir, are completely unfounded.

These are not flames, and I understand that they may be taken so
nonetheless, but I must needs protest that this is simply a subject that has
been oft dealt with, seemingly to satisfaction, and that this has been far to
horrid a day for me not to rise to the challenge, be it illusory or no.

On another subject: out of curiousity, sir, how did you have occasion
to become an Apple rep?


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