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Message no. 1
From: cm5323@*** (J.W.Thomas)
Subject: Smartguns System
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 17:00:33 +0000 (GMT)
Hiya everyone.
I've been away for a time, but now i'm Back.

The one problem i have with the Smartgun system as Writen is the
fact that a dot on the target in your head gives you -2Tn, but a
dot on the target from a lasersight only gives -1TN.

The way i run Smartguns is a LITTLE different from the FASA
A Smartgun consists of-
An internal aptitude skill package
neural links
Optional optic link
palm induction pad
-all covered by the smartlink
-on the gun-
gun data package
forward looking sensor package
barrel temp sensors
magasine sensor
mag eject
fire mode control
at least Three microgyros
-covered by the smartgun costs

When you pick up the Smartgun, it links the gun data package up
with the headware and neural ware you have...You basically get
Expert-this gun chipped at 6. you know how it should feel, the
balance, how it fits into your hand, everything.
Its like its part of your hand.
As you aim it, the headware co-ordinates your optic data (what
you see) what the guns sensors 'see', your arms position, your
own strength, the guns recoil, the expected elevation the kick
will give the gun, barrel wear and temperature, guns weight
taking into account ammo fired, the guns position according to
the inertial gyro system onboard, the ballistics of the rounds
fired from previous shots etc.
This is all split second calculations that feed to your
instinctive 'skill' with the gun.
Result. you KNOW where the bullet will hit.
TN -2.

This is One hell of a sophisticated system.
They're limited to Military / Special forces / black market at a
BIG markup.

A Smart Bow is non military standard, so you'd have to custom
make the bow, the cyberware and custom write the programming.
Cost about x20 to x25
But what an advantage

Smart Melee weapons are possible, with microgyros, sliding
weights or mercury ballast to adjust the balance, grips that
alter shape and other onboard technical equipment.
Only gives -1 TN.
Again, custom weapon, custom cyber and custom programs.
cost is x20 or more

If you want a new perspective try this
This is a custom 'anaylse device'
basically, the caster touches the gun and the user, casts the
spell as the user picks up the gun and you're away. the spell is
'perminant' as it lasts until the gun is put down, or the user
sleeps / looses conciousness.
It forms a magical link between the user and the gun, giving a
deep intuitive understanding of the guns operation (-2TN)
Spell nuts and bolts
Physical manipulation, deep mind interation, perminant,
sustained, touch required, volentry target, bonus game effect
(-2TN) exclusive-only guns
Drain is High
(i'd need my GrimII to work it out, but its survivable. The
personal version is a lot kinder)

This spell can be rewritten to work on any kind of weapon, or any
thing (cars/decks/etc)
It always stops when you break contact or you sleep.
(a simple way of limiting the 'perminant' advantage to useful
rather than Munchkin)
Another version can have bonus game effect- extra dice to skill.


Its so good to be back
CHOPPER The god is absent
ChOpPeR His dead leaves are piling
cHoPpEr And all is deserted
chopper -Basho

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