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Message no. 1
From: "D. Ghost" <dghost@****.COM>
Subject: Smartjack System
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 23:34:29 -0500
Ok, this based off the recent Smartlink thread and induction datajacks in

Smartjack is a Smartgun Link that uses a datajack type interface rather
than an induction pad.

Smartjack I Cyberware
Smartjack II Cyberware
Essence Cost Availability Street Index
I .4/.25 1,500 3/24 hrs .9
II .4/.25 2,200 6/36 hrs 1.9
(Essence cost before the slash is solo implantation; After the slash is
if implanted in a cyberarm.)

Smartjack I Gun Mod (Internal)
Smartjack II Gun Mod (Internal)
Smartpad Adapter Grip
This is is an adapter that wraps around the grip of a gun in order to
allow Smartjack and Smartlink equipement tointerface with each other.
The grip includes an induction pad that can interface with an induction
in the gun or in the palm of the user as well as a dtajack port that can
interface with an External Smartgun Link or a set of Smart Googles.

Mount Concealability Rating Weight Availability Cost Street
I - - - .5 Weapon +75% Weapon
II - - - .25 Weapon +200% Weapon
Adapter Grip * - .1 8/2 days 400 2
*The Adapter does not reduce Concealability significantly, however, the
Fiber Optic Cable, if present, could be more easily noticed.

What do ya think?

D. Ghost
(aka Pixel, Tantrum, RuPixel)
o/` Trideo killed the Video Star ... o/`

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