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Message no. 1
From: Doctor Doom <JCH8169@*****.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: Sniping with Scopes and Smartlinks...
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1993 00:49:14 -0500
>From Herr Nightstalker:

>Now here's a scary thought. Sniper is at long range with sniper rifle. His
>skill is 8, the rifle is smartlinked with a rating 4 scope. He takes a called
>shot, but aims as long as he can. The results:
> Target number 2
> Damage Code 14D
> Target is surprised and gets to use no combat pool dice.

Not exactly.

Although you are correct regarding the fact that the Designated Target is not
afforded the option of employing his Combat Pool for the sake of damage
resistence, due to his being surprised; ...

"Scopes may not be used with smartlink systems." p. 240, ShadowRun II.

Assuming that it is at Extreme Range: 9, +4 for Called shot, -2 for Smartlink,
would result in a Target base of 11, requiring 9 Simple Actions of Taking Aim
to accordingly whittle the Target Numbers down to the desired 2.

One may, however, utilize Cybereye Vision Modification, up unto a maximum level
of 3, in conjunction with the Smartlink system, which would produce a base of
6, again, capable of being lowered by Taking Aim as well.

>Say good night, Gracie.

Good Night, Gracie.

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