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Message no. 1
From: GRANITE <granite@**.NET>
Subject: Re: Sourcebooks and bargains
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 16:48:11 -0700
Well I have had 1 inquiry so I thought I would offer this opportunity
to the rest of you...And I am making absolutely 0 profit in
this..Except the satisfaction of helping folks out..You guys and My
local Hobby store...
This is a complete list of what they have available for SR and ALL of
it is in excellent shape..It is like somebody bought all the stuff
stuck it on a shelf and forgot about it....First come first
served..all prices are in US dollars...Please contact me via P-Email [granite@**.net]

Awakenings - $8.00
VR 1.0 - $8.00
Seattle Sourcebook - $8.00
Lonestar - $8.00
Paranormal Animals of North America - $7.00
Street Samm Catalogue - $6.00
Native American Nations Vol.I - $6.00
Shadowtech - $8.00
Sprawl Sites - $7.00
Rigger Black Book - $7.50
Corperate Security - $10.00
Tir Na Nog - $10.00
Cybertechnology - $8.00
Bug City - $10.00
Denver Boxed Set - $13.00

Thems them...Please take into account there will be tax to pay as
well as a certain amount for Shipping..I will not eat any of the cost
and I will not make -any- monetary profit on this deal in any way...I
simply figured you folks might enjoy a bargain for a change...Let me
know if you are interested....
Lord, Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Cannot Change,
The Courage To Change The Things I Can,
And The Wisdom To Hide The Bodies Of Those People I Had To Kill
Because They Pissed Me Off.
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