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Message no. 1
From: "Ojaste,James [NCR]" <James.Ojaste@**.GC.CA>
Subject: Re: Source Books (mild spoilers)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 10:42:03 -0400
Matthew Waddilove wrote:
>Could people please advise me on the best Source books/Novels to read to
>get up to speed on the SR plot line?

There are several plot lines going on. Each plot line tends to be
supported on its own, though (you don't have to worry too much
about a plot line you haven't read interfering with the one you're

So here are the major plot lines that I can think of:
Bugs: Bug City, Target: UCAS, a couple of novels (Burning Bright?),
a couple of adventures.

The Enemy (Horrors): Harlequin's Back, Worlds Without End, Dragonheart
Saga (Stranger Souls, Clockwork Asylum, Beyond the Pale)

Dunklezahn's Assassination: Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunklezahn's
Secrets, the Dragonheart Saga (yes, the exception makes the rule)

Corp war: Dunklezahn's Secrets (just some background info), Blood in
the Boardroom and a couple more books not yet released.

What did I miss? Oh yeah:

Otaku: VR2, Technobabel, Blood in the Boardroom (background), Renraku:
Shutdown (release in May)

I haven't read most of the novels (I've only read the Dragonheart Saga
actually), so I may be totally wrong on those fronts.

I've also probably missed a couple of other plots, but...

James Ojaste

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