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Message no. 1
From: Chanhassett <JEK5313@*****.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: Spetsdods & Armor, Part II (oops)
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 92 22:58:25 CET
Fenris => Apologies if this was posted before-- my mail server burped.

]Date: Tue, 8 Dec 92 11:31:47 GMT
]From: Stephen Wilcoxon <wilcoxon@***.UDEL.EDU>

[Info on Brother Death deleted by Sysop]

] Someone commented on Spasm being very military; yep it is. I had the
]legality of Spasm written down but forgot to include it. It should be
]M1 (ie. the same as Doom and those other NASTY chems)...

Fenris => Not just vary military, but very, VERY military. :)
Fenris => I don't want my players walking around trying to be the man who
Fenris => never missed, unless they share his dislike of killing (unlikely in
Fenris => this group). I'm limiting everyone to shocktox and stingers for now.
Fenris => For the record, I agree implicitly with your choice of "damage"

]Someone commented on not liking the damage codes I provided, so here's my
] AP rounds are designed for use against an armored combat-type opponent,
]so the code of 6L (I think that's what I gave it) isn't bad if you figure
]the average target will have 3-4 armor (so the damage drops to 4-5L)...

Fenris => I don't remember it being a 6L. I don't have the article in front of
Fenris => me, so I'll have to get back to you about January on that one.

] Why are there no real rules for weapons that deliver a chem as their
]attack through the use of a projectile? By this, I mean like a Spetsdod.
]I would say that armor should be useful in stopping the projectile and
]thus its damage (yes, this means that a character must stop (in the
]Stepsdods case) a 6L wound), but not the chem.

Fenris => I use the current SRI rules for Narcojet in referring to the
Fenris => Spetsdod. It makes sense-- roll more successes than the target has
Fenris => impact armor points. Otherwise, make a called shot to a portion of
Fenris => the body that has no armor. If it hits, they resist effects of chem.
Fenris => If they avoid it with dice from only their Combat Pool, then the dart
Fenris => does not hit, and they do not have to resist. Seems to me a fairly
Fenris => good reflection of the difficulty with armor.
Fenris => Also, you CAN throw in Combat Pool dice for a Body Resistance Test.

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