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Message no. 1
From: Michael Orion Jackson <orion@****.CC.UTEXAS.EDU>
Subject: spiffed vehicles/dikoting
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 11:32:29 -0600
Glad ya'll liked that. I don't know what inspired it, just felt silly....

Here are some more accessories:

Fringe: applied along tops of windows and along chassis underbody. Comes
in a variety of designer colors. +1 spiff, +100 Y (fringe is cheap)

Mirrors: little tiny suckers (1/4 inch by 1 inch or some such) you can by
by the bag in some places. Lay in a line of them around the car like
pinstriping. +1 spiff, +100Y (+2 spiff if used in combo with fringe).

Christmas Lights: tied into the car's electrical system. Set to blink in
series. +2 Spiff, +100Y

Zebra-pattern seats: seat covers that look like zebra skin. +1 spiff,

Plush carpet: 2 or 3 inch plush carpeting, coms in a variety of colors
(I've actually seen this on the interior of a car, was hot pink :P). +1
spiff, +200Y

Bong holder: like a swivel cup holder, but bigger. +1 spiff, +50Y

>Bong: used as water-filteration combustion system for any number
of legal or illegal substances +1 spiff, +50 Y

If you've seen Predator 2, think of the Jamiacan drug posse's car.... :)

Optional Social Skills rule: If a person sees the PCs get out of a spiffed
vehicle, the PCs gain a modifier of 2 to their social skills role vs. that
person, positive or negative depending on the situation, GM's call.
(Arriving at the Academy Awards show in a SuperFly pimpmobile would
probably be a bad call, but maybe everyone will be impressed by your


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