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Message no. 1
From: CASTELLI David d.castelli@**************.fr
Subject: SR Books Online & Second Hand Materials
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 08:12:54 +0100
> Roger Ramirez wrote :
> Now the one book that I have in mind that is basically out of date.
> The
> Universal Brotherhood. That book was an adventure that took place in
> 2051.
> Shadowrun timeline is now in 2060. They Universal Brotherhood went
> out of
> business because the UCAS found out what they really were around 2054.
> SOOOOOO, there is no more Universal Brotherhood. BUT I STILL WANT
> MODULE!!! Sorry.. I didn't mean to scream.
> BTW- If anyone has a copy of Universal Brotherhood and doesn't need
> it
> anymore I sure would like to have/buy it. Please e-mail me if you do.
Yes... it's a good one... if you want to buy it...
you could mail to my favorite gaming store... at


Note that's a store who sell second hand materials...
This store is in Paris, but you can manage to get what you want
shipped... or i hope so...
And if you want things going rather faster... drop me a copy of your

AKA Phoenix, decker & sorceress
AKA d.castelli@**************.fr

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