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From: The Vagabond <nomad74@*******.COM>
Subject: SR Books [was Re: FASA's On/Off Course?]
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 14:28:42 PDT
>At 10:33 AM 5/5/98 -0500, Sheldon Rose wrote:
>> I am asking the question of exactly what the subject says. Is FASA
>> on/off course in it's storyline. I am not implementing a Spoiler
>>Warning of
>> any kind, so just in case anyone may think this is a "sensitive
>>topic", you
>> have been warned. NO BOOK is sacred in this post.
>Ok. Everybody REALLY oughta put in some spoiler space, when discussing
>Sourcebooks and stuff. IMO, SR has stayed kinda on-course, but FASA is
>*definitely* getting IRRITATING with their new habit of putting a part
>the story in sourcebooks, and the rest in novels. I stopped by
>Barnes&Noble the other day...the Barnes&Noble CHAIN, AFAIK, now doesn't
>carry SR Novels. Why? Because FASA now has it going to game stores.

The Barnes & Nobles here(in Daytona) carries Shadowrun novels. You
may be thinking of the EarthDawn novels which are published by FASA
themselves(as opposed to ROC) and so can only be shipped to Gaming
stores(since FASA is a game-publisher, and not too popular with most

>local game store can't carry novels, simply due to distributor
>the guy at the game store, HobbyMasters, said. not sure)....ARRRGH.

AGain, I know of plenty game stores(one here and several in Georgia)
that carry SR novels along with the product. I'm pretty sure if the
owner of the store doesn't have SR novels stocked, it's because he
doesn't want them stocked. I'm surprised he hasn't offered to order
them for you. *shrug*

>Another fact is also that a LOT of info is now contained in sourcebooks
>ya see once in a milennium.

I agree. I think comes with cutting down the IE/Cabal thing. The
bigger stuff will probably be in the "event of the year" books that are
coming around(like Underworld, Blood in the Boardroom, whatever's next

My parents generally only let me spend a MAX
>of $30 per 3 MONTHS on game stuff, which is beginning to make following
>SR futile. Arg.

Either cut down on modules, or get a job :)
Seriously, keeping an eye on this list, as well as netzines like TSS
and websites like FASA's should keep you "in the know" enough for you to
deem what you think is important and what is not needed. Of course, I'm
SR book junkie, so I have to get everything just on principle(except for
the Art of Shadowrun, all it took was me to browse through it at the
store to realize how crappy it was, and then laugh at the price they
wanted me to pay for it<g>).

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