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Message no. 1
From: David Hayes rook@***.net
Subject: SR Movies List (BOOK SPOILER)
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 12:37:19 -0800
From: Shaun E. Gilroy <shaung@**********.net>
Subject: Re: SR Movies List

>Doesn't mean he -is- doesn't mean he -isn't-. It means he might be.
>means: "believe what you want this to mean."
>I've Read a lot of PKD and I, personally don't believe Deckard to be a
>replicant (that is if the movie was attempting to live up to "Philip K.
>Dick's vision").
> *noysh turns to go back into the temple of kipple-worship*
>Anyway, I like the Director's Cut version, it allows the near-future
>dystopian flavor permeate the movie a lot better, which is the kind of
>thing that led me into Shadowrun in the first place.

spoiler space for new balde runner books



good enough, not as if many people would read them i think.

have you read K.W. Jeter's <i think that's him> newer books "edge of
human" and "replicant night"?
in the first one, right at the end, deckard meets up with a guy who says
that he is the original deckard, and that the cop deckard is a
replicant. haven't read the second one yet. the 'original' is some kind
of military guy and it looks like he is a rebel against some corp or
government. can't say for sure, been a while since i read it and it's in
of course, this is someone else's vision of the blade runner story, and
not philip dick's.

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