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From: XaOs <xaos@*****.NET>
Subject: SR novel Art (was RE: Thas's a good lookin' trog! (Was Re:
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 00:49:40 -0500
> Oh yeah ... if you wanna see a REALLY bad picture of a troll,
> check out the
> cover for the SR novel Changeling, where the main troll character is
> depicted looking like an ork/loup-garou crossbreed. Ick.

I have yet to see ANY cover of a SR novel that had art that was worth a
damn. But I suppose it can't be helped much, considering the rate that they
can crank out shared universe novels. (Not that they aren't necessarily good
quality. I'm enjoying the DragonHeart trilogy so far. A bit overpriced for
the page count, but the story is enjoyable at least).


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