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Message no. 1
From: fauxpas@******.net (Faux Pas)
Subject: SR T-Shirt List IMPORTANT
Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 11:00:45 -0500
I do not have any information on whether or not the following people are
still ordering t-shirts. If your name is on this list and you have sent in
your check or money order, let me know. If your name is on this list and
you have decided you don't want a shirt, let me know ASAP - you're holding
up production for the rest of us. Thanks.

Glenn Robertson
Mike Alex
Bill Lee
Mike Broadwater
Rob Kean

Jon Hughes
Matt Hughes
Tim Sepras
Andrew W. Ragland

Kristi Jenkins
Paul J. Adam
Slyder <joe@****>
Tim Kerby

Adam Getchell
Robert A. Hayden, our Fearless Leader
Mike Driggins
Quicksilver <jhurleyl@******>
Dvixen <ba094@*******>

Weston Ochse
Robert Watkins
Bryan D. Jones
Larry Sica
Damon Wilson

The Roo-man <volson@********.ca>
Paolo Marcucci
J.D. Falk
E <rasputin@***>
Russ Myrick

Nike Myrick
Jens-Peter Grundmann
Patrick <pdl@****>
Bryan K. Nielsen
and members of my gaming group (slaggards! :)

If you are on the above list and have sent me e-mail telling me about any
special arrangements you've made for the payment, my apologies but I may
have lost the e-mail.

Send corrections, questions, and cancellations to fauxpas@******.net


-Thomas Deeny
Cartoonist At Large

"We're going to be up to our freaking necks in icky poo-poo!"
-Not Really Bruce Willis, _Die Hard 2_ (edited for television)
Message no. 2
From: melchar@**** (Melchar)
Subject: Re: SR T-Shirt List IMPORTANT
Date: Fri, 03 May 96 14:06:11 PDT
I sent you my check on Monday -- so I hope you get it real soon
(it'll be the one in the god-greeting card :)

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