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Message no. 1
From: Michael Orion Jackson <orion@****.CC.UTEXAS.EDU>
Subject: "standard" cyber/bio-ware
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 02:56:39 -0500
I make shadowrun characters all the time, basically because it's fun and
it alleviates boredom for a half-hour or so (I've gotten so familiar with
the various aspects of character creation now than I almost don't have to
crack a book... an idea occurs to me and off I go... :) ). Well, SR isn't
the only system I do that in, but back to the topic at hand: have you ever
noticed that your charcters tend to have the same basic cyberware with
little variation? I started thinking about it because when Shadowtech
came out, almost all of my sammies/mercs had adrenal pumps and taccomps
installed. After a while, I stopped putting them in as I realized that
they had downsides, etc. (Well, the other day I started looking at the
adrenal pump again and realized for what it did a 6D Stun (max) wasn't
that bad...) Anyway, my typical cybergrunt has:
Wired Reflexs/2
Plastic Bone Lacing (+1 body and physical unarmed damage for the
same essence cost as dermal/1....)
Radio (Good communications is crucial during a run...)
Enhanced Articulation (+1 Rxn, +1 Physical, active type skills,
all for $40k and .6 body index (or was it .4, anyway...))
Trauma Damper
And them whatever other bells and whistles... (Yes, most of the time my
charcters have priority A or B resources. :) Or on the Companion sytem, a
good 230-30 points of Resources...)
Thinking of Wired Reflexes, the Cybertech book lists a couple of
spiff new gadgets for the trusty old Wired Reflexes, the Rxn trigger and
the Rxn Enhancer. My question revolves around the RxnE: the benefit is
variable up to +6, but the only cost listed is $60k (well, not $
obviously, but y'all get my drift). Is it 10k per +1 Rxn? 60k per +1?
What gives? If it is 60 k per +1 one, I know I'd never buy it. What I
was thinking was, make it $60k, but allow the user to choose at what level
it operates dynamically. To make it balanced, require the installation of
a RxnT as well, forcing the player to turn off the system and "reboot" to
change RxnE settings (an automatically successful task taking 2 minutes or
some such (basically, the player won't be able to change rxn on the the
fly in a 3 second combat turn)). I'd be willing to drop 73k on that :)
(RxnE + RxnT).
Forgive this random blathering, as I'm getting tired and odd
things have been known to come out of my mouth when I write while tired.
:) Save the wisecracks on that one for later, you gang of scurrilous

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Michael Orion Jackson~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TAMS Class of 1996/UT Class of 199?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~2112 Guadalupe, Rm. 409; Austin, Tx 78705 (The Goodall-Wooten)~~~~~~~
------------------<"Love kills the demon."~Mickey
I agree. It seems to have killed most of mine, or at least cowed them into
temporary submission. For the first time in my life I feel a reason to go
forward, other than inertia. Now my only worry is that I'll fuck it up...

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